When will Z Nation Season 5 be on Netflix?

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Z Nation Season 5 – Syfy

Z Nation season 5 is due to wrap up on Syfy soon in the United States and will be coming to Netflix soon after. Its US Netflix release date has been announced as part of the January 2019 new releases. Here’s what you need to know. 

Syfy is a bit hit and miss when it comes to Netflix. Z Nation is one of their few shows which comes to Netflix in the majority of regions. The Expanse is locked to just several regions carrying the Netflix Original banner as is 12 Monkeys and Killjoys.

In case you didn’t know already, the show is an over the top gory zombie show featuring a former prisoner who is immune to the virus but has deteriorated and potentially possesses the cure.

What do we know about season 5 of Z Nation?

In case you didn’t know already, Z Nation got renewed back in December 2017. Syfy has had some big cancellations in 2018 including The Expanse so fans were pleased Z Nation was given another season.

The producer of the show, who also produced Sharknado too, dropped the news on Twitter. We also know that the next season 5 of Z Nation is set to be a ‘reset’ or effectively, a reboot of the show. That means if you believe that Z Nation has been getting stale, season 5 might be a great time to jump back in. Like previous seasons, we’re expecting season 5 to begin on Syfy in the US from September 2018.

When will season 5 of Z Nation be on Netflix US?

Let’s begin with the United States. Originally, we predicted the show would be coming in February 2019 but thanks to the January 2019 new releases being announced, we now know that season 5 is coming to Netflix on January 27th.

When will Z Nation Season 5 be on other Netflix Regions

Netflix in Canada has been getting regular updates following the same release patterns as the United States. February 2019 is when you can expect to stream.

The United Kingdom is due to receive season 5 but you’ll have a significant wait as it only just got season 3 this year. Unless the region is able to catch up quickly, we can’t see it being added to Netflix UK until April 2020 at the earliest. Australia is also currently behind and we expect a similar release date for AU as the UK.

Are you looking forward to a new season of Z Nation on Netflix? Let us know down below.

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