When will Season 9 of The Walking Dead be on Netflix?

The Walking Dead (Copyright AMC)

The Walking Dead is back on AMC for its ninth season and if you’re wondering when season 9 is coming to Netflix then you’ve come to the right place.

The show continues to be a big hit for AMC despite many fans turning on it in past years. It still attracts big audiences but is no longer the only zombie show in town. It’s also spawned a spin-off show called Fear The Walking Dead which sadly, isn’t available on Netflix.

The ninth season of the show represents the biggest and most radical season yet (or it should) as some of the shows biggest stars are set to depart by the time the finale airs in 2019. Andrew Lincoln and Lauren Cohen who play Rick and Maggie respectively are both leaving the show this season.

This season also has a big shake-up with the story too with (spoilers for season 8) the war now over with the saviours and Negan neutered.

Season 9 Netflix Release Date

As we said above, season 9 will definitely be coming to Netflix in line with the previous eight seasons which have landed yearly.

Unfortunately, there’s no deal in place bringing episodes to Netflix weekly. Instead, you’ll likely have to wait until September 2019 before season 9 is streaming.

Season 8 was added on September 24th, so you can assume a similar time will be in place for next year too.

The reason AMC adds the show so late to Netflix is, in part, to help with promoting and catching fans up for the new seasons which often then starts airing in late September/early October.

Will The Walking Dead leave Netflix?

It’s always been a fear for many that The Walking Dead may one day leave Netflix. After all, we’ve seen a significant shift in the past few years with Netflix focusing on their originals. As we explained before, however, Netflix has an existing so-called legacy contract with AMC for TWD. That means all past and future seasons will be on Netflix until the show ends.

What about other Netflix regions?

Netflix Canada and Japan will also be the recipient of season 9 and will be arriving roughly the same time as the US, September 2019. Some European countries and Latin America will also be recipient but those dates are hard to predict.

Are you looking forward to catching the new season of The Walking Dead on Netflix? Are you watching live or will you wait for it to drop on Netflix? Let us know down below.

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