Who will be Chelsea Handler’s first guest?

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Chelsea Handler’s new Netflix talk show is under a week away and given that the show is going to be about sketches and most importantly, the guests. The speculation is now on as to who will be her first guest on the show. There’s already a few arguments been made that she’s had her first show being at the Netflix Everywhere conference at an event in January. There she interviewed the star of Narcos Wagner Moura among others. That and she’s technically done an interview from the comfort of her electric car on a 360 video on Facebook (see below)

But we’re talking about the first guest on the premiere on her show that kicks off on May 11th. Will James Corden be joining her on the premiere show? It seems unlikely now but could feature throughout the first show. What we’ve done is done some digging as to who the first guests could be by looking at what other talk show hosts go after and her very selected Twitter following could give us some hints too.

In recent years, there’s been plenty of changes in the mainstream talk show host roles and as we know, the first guest is very important. Let’s see who other talk show hosts had on their first show in recent years.

  • Jimmy Fallon is probably the biggest talk show host on television right now. His first guests included Robert De Niro and Justin Timberlake with musical guest Van Morrison.
  • Jimmy Kimmel over on ABC first premiered in 2013 with George Clooney, Warren Sapp and Coldplay as the musical guest.
  • Seth Meyers took over Jimmy Fallons position on the late night NBC talk show. He welcomed Amy Poehler (Wet Hot American Summer) and Vice President Joe Biden
  • James Corden who’s now presenting the late late show this March had Tom Hanks and Mila Kunis as his first set of guests.

On Twitter, the Chelsea Handler twitter handle is currently following 21 people. The majority of the following is made up of news publications but the celebrities she follows could give us an indication as to who could be guests in the first week. Let’s roll off some names that are being followed. Ellen DeGeneres, Taylor Swift, Patton Oswalt, Judd Apatow, Barack Obama, Dizzy, Jimmy Fallon and David Lynch are all being followed.

If you cast your mind back to the initial note she published announcing various elements of the show. Michelle Obama was among the top 3 choices that she’d want on the show. Could Barack and Michelle both be coming in on the first episode? It’d make sense given that Obama’s time in the presidency is now numbered.

Who would you like to see be Chelsea’s first guest? Let us know below.