Chelsea Handler’s New Netflix Documentary Coming in Fall 2019

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Chelsea Docuseries Coming In Fall 2019

Chelsea now streaming on Netflix

Chelsea Handler’s upcoming docuseries which will cover “white privilege” is scheduled to release on Netflix in Fall 2019. Here’s what we know so far and Chelsea Handler’s contributions to Netflix up until this point. 

Chelsea is a controversial comedian who has featured regularly on Netflix. She has appeared in multiple stand-up specials for the streaming channels including her special “Uganda be kidding me”. She presented a docuseries called “Chelsea Does” although that never got a second season and was the first talk show host for Netflix too. That ran for two years but Chelsea quit the role because of personal reasons which are thought to be related to the 2016 Presidential election of Donald Trump.

Chelsea Documentary coming in September 2019

In promoting her new book called “Life will be the death of Me” where it goes into her trauma and subsequent therapy sessions after the 2016 election, her new Netflix documentary series was mentioned.

The Netflix documentary series isn’t new as it was announced all the way back in August 2018.

Jimmy began the topic by saying: “I also want to mention the Netflix documentary,” and that’s when it got announced that the new documentary will be coming out in September 2019.

Speaking about the new documentary she said that “racism isn’t dead” and added “we haven’t hit the glass ceiling” when it comes to women’s rights.

Chelsea also announced a new sit-down comedy tour coming in 2019 although it’s not clear at this point if Netflix will be taping any sessions.

Naturally, Chelsea Handler has been controversial in recent years and this upcoming documentary will do absolutely nothing to prove otherwise. Let us know if you’re excited in the comments below.

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