Chelsea Handler Talk Show Schedule Announced

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Chelsea Handler’s long anticipated Netflix talk show has its official premiere date as well as its full weekly schedule. But we’ve still got a lot of questions to be answered.  

In a tweet this morning, Chelsea tweeted a photo of a poorly handwritten letter addressed to herself announcing details of the new show and its format. The premiere date is set to be May 11th 2016. It’s yet to know how long each season will last but we do know that each episode will be 30 minutes each and will be shown three times a week.

Also in the letter we learn that Wednesdays, Thurday’s and Friday’s are the days in which new episodes are released onto Netflix. Given Netflix is around the world we highly doubt that it’ll be live like many other talk shows and we’re yet to know what time they’ll be releasing them given they have to cater for everyone around the world.

Chelsea is transitioning to Netflix from her show on E! that ran for over 1,000 episodes. She kicked off the transition in January by taking part in Netflix’s appearance at CES and releasing a 4 part documentary series also in January. That documentary series was met with a lot of positive reviews.

The letter also revealed her top 3 guests she’d like to get on the show. Michelle Obama, The Pope and Arnold Schwarzaneggar’s Maid all make the list. Though we suspect that actors and actresses from Netflix Originals will be much higher up the list.

So there you have it folks, the first talk show to premiere on Netflix is well underway and we don’t have all that long left to wait to watch it. We’ll be covering Chelsea Handler in a lot more depth over the coming weeks so keep your eyes glued on What’s on Netflix.

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