Chelsea Has Been Cancelled at Netflix, Will Return for Future Documentaries

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Netflix’s first talk show has been cancelled as announced by Chelsea Handler herself on Twitter. Chelsea was keen to point out the decision was hers as she refers to recent events in politics as a key reason for wanting to move on. 

The show never really found an audience thanks to several reasons. Perhaps the biggest reason is that Netflix struggles with shows that aren’t in boxset formats often getting lost down the page. You could also argue Netflix did a poor job of promoting the show, particularly in the second season. Her commentary style in politics hasn’t struck the same kind of chord as someone like Stephen Colbert and her show hasn’t been as viral as Jimmy Fallon so she really struggled to find an identity.

Netflix gave Chelsea her own talk show after she finished up her talk show on E! several years ago.

In the long message that was posted on Twitter, Chelsea refers to the recent election as a reason why she’s decided to move on from the show.

Chelsea Handler fans should fear not, however, as she’ll be moving to a documentary format for future Netflix content. If you cast your mind back to just before the first version of Chelsea aired, she starred and produced a four-part documentary series called Chelsea Does. In that series, she covered different subjects in an hour-long documentary. Expect a similar format in the future as she talks to people she wouldn’t normally talk to.

Also, Netflix will be experimenting with the format once again this fall with the David Letterman show that’s coming soon to Netflix. You could just argue that this type of content should be reserved to live television and channels like Facebook and Youtube.

The show is expected to continue throughout 2017 to complete season 2 before wrapping up for good. You can also keep up to date as we recap each month’s Chelsea goings-on.

We’ll have more details as soon as we hear more. Are you sad Chelsea is wrapping up? Let us know in the comments below.

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