Will more seasons of Impractical Jokers come to Netflix?

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TruTV added the first season of Impractical Jokers to Netflix on October 1st and if you’re waiting for more seasons to arrive, you might have a long wait. So if you’re wondering when seasons 2 to 7 of Impractical Jokers are on Netflix, here’s our best guess.

Every now and again, Netflix adds a collection of shows from an individual provider. That was the case on October 1st when Netflix managed to secure multiple shows from the comedy network, TruTV. The network released multiple shows onto Netflix including Adam Ruins Everything, I’m Sorry, The Carbonaro Effect and of course, Impractical Jokers.

Netflix only got limited seasons of TruTV shows

With the exception of I’m Sorry, the episodes added to Netflix were not the complete collection. In the case of The Carbonaro Effect, a group of highlight episodes were added. Adams Ruins Everything only got a selection of episodes from seasons 1 and 2 too.

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Impractical Jokers only got season 1 plus a handful of specials added on October 1st.

How many seasons are there?

In total, there are now 7 seasons of Impractical Jokers in total with season 8 planned for 2019.

How to get more seasons on Netflix

The shows release on Netflix was promoted by multiple members of the cast. This includes Joe Gatto who included some possibly useful information regarding how we get season 2 onwards onto Netflix.

In the Tweet, Joe says to spread the word and add to your list implying that it will help get more seasons added.

That’s often the case with most shows and movies on Netflix. The more people watch, the more likely Netflix is to spend money on gaining new seasons.

When will new seasons of Impractical Jokers be added to Netflix?

With most third-party providers, Netflix often renews their shows on an annual basis. Let’s assume that this is the case with Impractical Jokers, that’d mean we won’t get another season until October 2019.

Our best guess is that Netflix only bought the first season to test the waters. Should the show prove popular, we think they may get new seasons even sooner.

For TruTV, one of the goals of putting their content on Netflix could be to help promote the shows. That could possibly lead to viewers picking up the show on VoD services.

We’ll have more news surrounding new seasons of Impractical Jokers on Netflix as soon as we get it. Otherwise, let us know in the comments whether you want to see more seasons added.

Will more seasons of Impractical Jokers come to Netflix?

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