Ken Kratz: How He Features in Season 2 of Making a Murder

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Ken Kratz is one of the key individuals in both seasons 1 and 2 of Making a Murderer. While he doesn’t participate in the docuseries, he does feature predominantly. Here’s a quick overview of some of the things that happened in season 1 and how he will feature in season 2.

Who is Ken Kratz?

Ken Kratz became one of the most pivotal people in Making a Murder. He was known as the prosecutor for the Steven Avery case. He was not the prosecutor for Brendan although he did testify.

Is Ken Kratz still working?

After the 2007 trial, Ken came up against problems in 2010 when he had multiple sexual allegations lodged against him. He has since left the DA’s office soon after the allegations came to light.

His business on Yelp was trashed following the release of the show.

Has Ken Kratz been in the public sphere since season 1?

Absolutely. As a report from The Independent says, we’ve heard a lot from the prosecutor of the Steven Avery case.

Since the release of the show, he’s appeared on Dr. Phil with both the defence of the Avery case debating

The prosecutors first exclusive interview, however, was with ABC News where he discusses the ‘evidence’.

Ken Kratz Published a Book on the Case

Two years after the Netflix series released. Ken released a book called “Avery: The Case Against Steven Avery and What Making a Murderer Gets Wrong”.

The book’s reviews are mixed which was always going to be the case given the controversy of the case.

The book covers some of the elements covered in season 2. Specifically, he calls out Zellner, the new lawyer bought in to help with Avery’s appeal.

Did Ken Kratz participate in season 2 of Making a Murderer?

At the end of every episode during season 2, the creators of the show reveal a large list of individuals associated in the case who have either declined or not responded to being involved.

Ken Kratz features on this list as an individual who declines to be involved.

How is Ken Kratz featured in season 2

Once again, Ken features heavily in season 2 but not as much as season 1. In the first few episodes, his testimony is shown as well as him appearing on news coverage (see above) and other appearances since season 1 have aired.

Will Ken Kratz watch season 2?

Apparently so. Speaking with The Wrap, Ken said that he had watched season 1 and that he’ll go onto watch season 2 saying: “I will watch season 2 more so because I have to, more than anything else”.

He also goes onto say: “I’m asked to be a spokesperson for the other side, for the prosecution, for law enforcement, for the conviction, for the Halbach family and I intend to continue to do that, continue to advocate our position to remind those around the country that two different juries found these individuals guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. We don’t think there’s any question that these people are in jail and in prison the way they should be.”

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