Will ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ be on Netflix?

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will top gun maverick be on netflix

Top Gun: Maverick – Picture: Paramount

After two years of waiting (or arguably decades), a second Top Gun movie is about to hit theaters around the world which will see the return of Maverick played by Tom Cruise. Will the Paramount movie be headed to Netflix? Well, it depends on where you live and if you’re in the United States, the answer is no.

Joseph Kosinski, best known for rebooting Tron for Disney, directs the sequel to the original 1986 movie also starring Cruise which is fast approaching its 40th anniversary later this decade.

Among the cast for Top Gun: Maverick includes Tom Cruise, Jennifer Connelly, Miles Teller, Monica Barbaro, Lewis Pullman, and Val Kilmer.

Why Top Gun: Maverick won’t be on Netflix in the United States

Paramount movies haven’t come to Netflix US in quite some time ableit Netflix does receive select library titles from the distributor (including the original Top Gun which is on Netflix again as of March 1st, 2022 but is scheduled to leave in June 2022.)

The only exception as of late is that Netflix is carrying the Paramount movie Jackass: Forever (relabeled as Jackass 4.5) in the first window for Netflix.

Instead, the movie has been one of the lauded titles that will be headed to Paramount+ exclusively and in the shorter window which will be around 45 days (The Lost City was notably released on Paramount+ within 46 days.)

As a result, we’re expecting Paramount+ to stream Top Gun: Maverick from July 11th, 2022. 

Netflix DVD will be carrying the Bluray and DVD this summer.

top gun maverick netflix availability

Top Gun: Maverick – Picture: Paramount

Will Top Gun: Maverick be on Netflix Internationally?

No region of Netflix will likely receive Top Gun: Maverick as soon as Paramount+.

Netflix Japan receives new Paramount movies around 9 months after their theatrical debut. A Quiet Place Part II for example touched down on Netflix Japan in early March 2022.

Netflix in multiple regions including Australia and the United Kingdom receive Paramount theatrical releases around 2 years following their theatrical debut. Spontaneous, for example, is set to arrive on Netflix UK in May 2022 and is already available on Netflix in Australia and 8 other regions. Sonic the Hedgehog, another Paramount release, is currently now on Netflix in dozens of countries following its February 2020 release. In which case, you can expect Top Gun: Maverick in 2024 assuming it follows the same pattern.

We’ll keep you posted on more on Top Gun: Maverick’s availability on Netflix as and when we learn more.

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