‘Zombieverse’ Season 2 Cast Confirmed

The cast of Zombieverse season 2 has been revealed.

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Zombieverse Season 2 Cast Revealed

Picture: Zombieverse – Netflix

Netflix’s reality horror series Zombieverse is returning for a second season later this year, and the cast with new and returning members have been revealed.

Zombieverse was a questionable addition to the Netflix library in 2023. The idea behind the series is great, but it was the execution that left many viewers puzzled. The challenges and scenarios facing the competitors in season 1 were left open for criticism, so it will be intriguing to see what changes will be made in Zombieverse season 2.

Who is in the cast of Zombieverse season 2?

The following are the confirmed new cast members of Zombieverse;

  • Cho Saeho – Known for his stand-up comedy and television work, he will bring his “quick wit and humor” to the second season.
  • Defconn Rapper, internet personality and TV host with a “strong physical presence. “
  • Taeyeon – The beloved K-pop idol and Girls Generation singer is expected to bring a lot of passion to the series.
  • Yook Sung Jae – Singer-songwriter and actor is expected to an “edge” to the cast.
  • Code Kunst – A rapper and “science geek,” he is expected to bring much creativity to challenges.
  • Kwon Eunbi Actress and singer with a bucket load of charm.
  • Kim Seon Tae – Civil servant turned YouTuber he is expected to bring a “unique flair” to the second season.
  • Andre Rush – A former military veteran and the Chef of four presidential administrations, his strong presence may be key to the survival of others in season 2.
New Cast Zombieverse Season 2 Cast Revealed

Picture from top left to bottom right: Cho Saeho, Defconn, Taeyeon, Yook Sung Jae, Code Kunst, Kwon Eubi, Kim Seon Tae and Andre Rush.

Are there any returning cast members?

Yes! Several cast members will be returning for more challenges in Zombieverse season 2;

  • Ro Hong Chul – The “villain” of the first season, and believed to be dead, returns for yet more challanges.
  • Lee Si-young – One of the strongest survivors in season 1, her leadership and reliance will be needed to lead the next batch.
  • DinDin – The rapper, producer, TV and radio personality returns to face the hordes of undead once more.
  • Dex – The former special forces operator will be imperative for survival.
  • Tsuki An “unshakeable loyalty” will make her a key part of everyone’s survival.
  • Yiombi Patricia – Not afraid to make key decisions in a crisis, her strategies and decision making will be needed to outwit the undead horde.
Returning Cast Zombieverse Season 2 Cast Revealed

Pictured from top left to bottom right: Ro Hung-chul, Lee Si-young, DinDin, Dex, Tsuki and Yiombi Patricia

What quests will we see in Zombieverse season 2?

Netflix has revealed that the second season of Zombieverse will expand beyond the streets of Seoul as brand new and even more challenging tasks await the survivors as they look to outsmart the seemingly endless ranks of the undead.

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