Netflix Added 14 New Original Christmas Movies in 2022

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The big day is upon us and if you’re looking to bring in Christmas with one of the over a dozen new Netflix Original Christmas movies added in 2022, we’re here to bring you the full list. 

This list doesn’t feature any licensed Christmas movies many regions of Netflix picked up. In many European nations such as the United Kingdom, for example, they saw a collection of Great American Family Christmas Movies added on December 1st.

To help sift through all the Netflix Christmas movies, consult our A-Z list or see how to unlock the entire library using category codes.

We’ll split this article up into two sections. Firstly, we’ll cover the top 4 new Christmas movie releases of 2022 and then walk you through the entire list.

Best New Christmas Movies Added to Netflix in 2022

Scrooge: A Christmas Carol (2022)

Director: Stephen Donnelly
Cast: Luke Evans, Olivia Colman, Jessie Buckley, Jonathan Pryce, Johnny Flynn, Fra Fee, Giles Terera, Trevor Dion Nicholas, James Cosmo

Kicking off our highlights is a brand new animated take on the Charles Dickens tale best known for the adaptations with The Muppets and Jim Carrey.

An all-star cast comes together for this entry with Leslie Bricusse and Stephen Donnelly writing the screenplay.

Christmas with You (2022)

Director: Gabriela Tagliavini
Cast: Aimee Garcia, Freddie Prinze Jr., Deja Monique Cruz, Zenzi Williams, Kyndra Sanchez, Socorro Santiago

In our opinion, the best new Christmas release of 2022 for Netflix is Christmas With You, the romantic family comedy that stars Lucifer’s Aimee Garcia and the surprise return to acting for Freddie Prinze Jr.

Here’s what you can expect from the new movie:

“Seeking inspiration for a hit holiday song, a pop star grants a young fan’s Christmas wish to meet her — and finds a shot at true love along the way.”

The Boss Baby: Christmas Bonus (2022)

Cast: JP Karliak, Pierce Gagnon, George Lopez

Everyone’s favorite baby was back for an impromptu Christmas special added to Netflix on December 6th, 2022.

Based on the movie franchise but perhaps more importantly, the Netflix Original DreamWorks Television series, this special was Christmas Eve take a twisty turn after the Boss Baby accidentally swaps places with one of Santa’s elves and gets stranded at the North Pole.

There’ll be another big DreamWorks Christmas special in 2023 with one set in The Bad Guys universe.

Falling for Christmas (2022)

Director: Janeen Damian
Cast: Lindsay Lohan, Chord Overstreet, George Young, Jack Wagner, Olivia Perez, Chase Ramsey, Sean J. Dillingham, Antonio D. Charity

Finally, we wrap our list with Lindsay Lohan’s big return to our screens.

She plays the role of Sierra Belmont in this new rom-com as part of her two-picture deal (Irish Wish is on the way) with Netflix. After experiencing a ski accident, she’s been diagnosed with amnesia and finds herself in the care of a handsome lodge owner.

Unfortunetely, reviews for the movie from either critics or audiences haven’t been the best to say the least but for Linsday stans, this is a dream come true and if you’re in that camp, hit play today!

Full List of New Christmas Netflix Original Movies Added in 2022

Cover Title / Description
Anotsomerrychristmas A Not So Merry Christmas (2022) A curse is placed on grinchy Chuy, who wakes up to find he’s lived a full year, but is doomed to remember only Christmas Day. Every year. From now on.

Rating: TV-MA
First Released: 12/21/2022
Christmasfullofgrace Christmas Full of Grace (2022) Carlinhos catches his partner cheating, then meets lively Graça, who poses as his new one so he can save face at Christmas with his traditional family.

Rating: TV-14
First Released: 11/30/2022
Christmasonmistletoefarm Christmas on Mistletoe Farm (2022) After inheriting a farm at Christmastime, a widowed father makes a bumpy adjustment to village life — while his kids hatch a plan to stay there forever.

Rating: TV-G
First Released: 11/23/2022
Christmaswithyou Christmas with You (2022) Seeking inspiration for a hit holiday song, a pop star grants a young fan’s Christmas wish to meet her — and finds a shot at true love along the way.

Rating: TV-PG
First Released: 11/17/2022
Deliverybychristmas Delivery by Christmas (2022) When a spiteful coworker sabotages her deliveries, a courier and a helpful customer must race to return Christmas presents to their intended recipients.

Rating: TV-MA
First Released: 12/06/2022
Fallingforchristmas Falling for Christmas (2022) After losing her memory in a skiing accident, a spoiled heiress lands in the cozy care of a down-on-his-luck widower and his daughter at Christmastime.

Rating: TV-PG
First Released: 11/10/2022
Ibelieveinsanta I Believe in Santa (2022) After five happy months dating Tom, Lisa’s horrified to learn he’s obsessed with her least favorite holiday. Is it time to give Christmas another chance?

Rating: PG
First Released: 12/14/2022
Offtrack Off Track (2022) In a fit of desperation, a down-and-out single mother suits up and attempts to ski Vasaloppet with her (not-so-perfect) perfectionist brother.

Rating: TV-MA
First Released: 11/16/2022
Scroogeachristmascarol Scrooge: A Christmas Carol (2022) On a cold Christmas Eve, selfish miser Ebenezer Scrooge has one night left to face his past — and change the future — before time runs out.

Rating: TV-Y7
First Released: 12/02/2022
Theactionpacksaveschristmas The Action Pack Saves Christmas (2022) The Action Pack teams up with Santa Claus to save the day when greedy Teddy Von Taker plots to steal all of the Christmas cheer from Hope Springs.

Rating: TV-Y
First Released: 11/28/2022
Thebossbabychristmasbonus The Boss Baby: Christmas Bonus (2022) Christmas Eve takes a twisty turn when the Boss Baby accidentally swaps places with one of Santa’s elves and gets stranded at the North Pole.

Rating: TV-Y7
First Released: 12/06/2022
Theclausfamily2 The Claus Family 2 (2021) Santa’s one job? Deliver presents. But as Jules takes the reins from his Grandpa Noël, he receives a young girl’s letter with a special holiday wish.

Rating: TV-PG
First Released: 11/08/2022
Thenoeldiary The Noel Diary (2022) Cleaning out his childhood home at Christmas, a novelist meets a woman searching for her birth mother. Will an old diary unlock their pasts — and hearts?

Rating: TV-PG
First Released: 11/24/2022
Whokilledsantaamurdervillemurdermystery Who Killed Santa? A Murderville Murder Mystery (2022) A holiday-hating detective is forced to solve a murder — and save Christmas — with help from famous trainees who must improv their way through the case.

Rating: TV-MA
First Released: 12/15/2022

What’s been your favorite new Christmas addition for 2022? Let us know in the comments.

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