New Releases on Netflix: March 19th, 2020

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Summer Night is now on Netflix

Every single day this week, Netflix has added multiple new titles all of which have at least one or two titles that are worth watching. We’re happy to report that the trend continues today with four new arrivals on Netflix in the US. Let’s take you through everything new on Netflix for March 19th, 2020.

As we mentioned, there’s been lots of new additions this week and we’ll be picking our favorites throughout the weekend. Whether it’s the new titles from The CW added on March 17th or the fantastic new movies added on March 16th, there’s plenty to watch.

Now let’s get into the four new releases for today:

Summer Night (2019)

Genre: Comedy, Drama
Director: Joseph Cross
Cast: Analeigh Tipton, Victoria Justice, Justin Chatwin, Lana Condor
Runtime: 98 min

The first addition for today was pre-announced in the March 2020 listings and features a huge list of recognizable names.

The comedy-drama tells the coming-of-age stories of multiple young people in often complex relationships.

Sadly, reviews aren’t the kindest to the title with it sitting at a 50 on Metacritic and 4.7 on IMDb.

3022 (2019)

Genre: Sci-Fi
Director: John Suits
Cast: Omar Epps, Kate Walsh, Miranda Cosgrove, Enver Gjokaj
Runtime: 91 min

3022 was actually added to Netflix a couple of days ago but quickly dropped off but it’s finally back and looks like it’s staying on Netflix for good now.

The sci-fi movie follows a group of astronauts returning to Earth to find that an extinction-level event has taken place.

Reviews from audiences have it pegged at 5.0 on IMDb with most praising the story but as you’d expect from a lower budget movie, suffers in other areas. We’d be interested in hearing your thoughts in the comments.

Altered Carbon: Resleeved (2020)

Genre: Animation, Sci-Fi
Runtime: 74 mins
Language: Japanese

One of the two new animated movies added today is an anime based on a Netflix Original series.

Early reviews look extremely positive for Altered Carbon: Resleeved as it does the source material justice and does some things that couldn’t be achieved in its live-action counterpart.

The series comes from Tsukasa Kono and Dai Satô.

This gives us high hopes for the upcoming anime spin-off on another Netflix franchise, The Witcher.

Masameer – The Movie (2020)

Genre: Animation
Director: Malik Nejer
Cast: Shahad Alahmari, Yousef Aldakheel, Lama Alfard, Ibrahim Alkhairallah
Runtime: 110 min

Sticking with animation, we’ve got Netflix’s first-ever animated movie from Saudi Arabia. The movie is based on a popular cartoon that made a name for itself in the region on YouTube.

Here’s what you can expect:

A young girl passionate about AI sets out to make an impact as three friends become crime-fighting superheroes. Based on the hit animated web series.

Weirdly, despite its trailer releasing on Netflix’s YouTube account today, it doesn’t actually carry the Netflix Original branding.


New Releases on Netflix: March 19th, 2020

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