CBS Shows Coming to Netflix in 2018

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CBS in recent years has moved most of their focus over to CBS All Access when it comes to streaming. There are still many titles coming from CBS to Netflix in 2018 though and if you like its subsidiary The CW, Netflix remains the exclusive home for streaming for many titles.

Unlike other networks like NBC, CBS still produces a lot of scripted television and beyond that, they rely on their late-night shows, game shows and reality shows to bolster its lineup. For the majority of titles, CBS opts to put its shows by default on CBS All Access. If an arrangement can be made, the titles may end up on Netflix or Hulu.

You’ll notice all the of the shows scheduled to be renewed are older titles that have a high number of seasons. This is because they’re probably being renewed under old legacy contracts. Most CBS shows are renewed annually which allows us to give you the full schedule below.

NCIS (Season 15)

Expected Netflix Release Date: June 2018

Although the spin-offs of NCIS aren’t streaming on Netflix, the original series is still receiving regular updates and it’s arguably the better of the shows available too. The series regularly is CBS’s top performing scripted shows and it’s no surprise, the show still maintains an edge against other shows in the same category.

Criminal Minds (Season 13)

Expected Netflix Release Date: June 2018

Like NCIS, only the main show of Criminal Minds with all the spin-offs exclusive to CBS All Access. Also like NCIS, the original show is by far the better offering. The series offers a unique spin on the FBI investigation show as it looks into the psychology of criminals as opposed to just capturing the criminal.

Hawaii Five-0 (Season 8)

Expected Netflix Release Date: June 2018

The reboot of Hawaii Five-0 continues to gain ground and surpass the original in popularity. It’s another police procedural show which seems to dominate the CBS lineup. Renewed much earlier than normal, the eighth season began back in September 2017.

Blue Bloods (Season 8)

Expected Netflix Release Date: July 2018

Set in New York, Blue Bloods is a long-running CBS police procedural drama starring Donnie Wahlberg and Bridget Moynahan. The show’s cast has remained steadfast with only one notable departure in recent years.

Madam Secretary (Season 4)

Expected Netflix Release Date: July 2017

Political dramas have had a real challenge in recent years in competing with real-life politics. Madam Secretary is exclusively syndicated on Netflix in many regions around the world. We’re  glad to see it fund new seasons of one of the best network shows on Netflix right now.

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