NBC Shows Coming to Netflix in 2018

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Although NBC has a controlling stake in Hulu, it does still have a large and active library on Netflix. Their older hits like The Office and Friends are still fan-favorites but they’re still adding newer shows too and exclusively. We’ve got the full list of NBC titles coming to Netflix plus expected releases dates too. 

Here’s a list of the current roster of NBC shows that won’t be coming to Netflix because they’re either exclusive somewhere else or just not available on streaming.

This list only applies to Netflix in the United States.

Series Not On Netflix

  • Blindspot
  • Chicago Fire
  • Chicago P.D.
  • Chicago Med
  • Midnight, Texas
  • Shades of Blue
  • Superstore
  • This is Us
  • Timeless
  • Trial & Error
  • Will & Grace

Now onto the shows that are coming to Netflix. You may notice this list is quite short and that really speaks to NBC’s output in 2017 and 2018. NBC has been switching its strategy putting a focus on talk shows, sports and reality shows instead of scripted series. That’s a trend most other television networks are also adopting in the age of streaming.

Series Coming to Netflix

The Night Shift (Season 4)

Expected Release Date: June 2018

The Night Shift has ended after its fourth season which is fairly rare for a medical drama given the best ones typically go over ten seasons at the very least. The medical drama which focused on army veterans was a breath of fresh air when it first landed in 2014. It only came to Netflix last year but we’re expecting the final season to arrive sometime in the summer before eventually being removed in the next few years.

The reason for its cancellation is likely linked to moving the series to release in the off-season. NBC still has a few other medical dramas as outlined above.

The Good Place (Season 2)

Expected Release Date: August 2018

Possibly one of the smartest television shows on television right now is The Good Place. Starring Kristen Bell, Ted Danson, William Harper, Jameela Jamil and Manny Jacinto it involves a group of humans dying and going to The Good Place. Unfortunately, we can’t talk about the show anymore without giving away the plot anymore. It’s created by Michael Shur who had a hand in The Office and Parks and Recreation which are two of NBC’s most popular shows.

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (Season 18)

Expected Release Date: August 2018

Although we’re expecting a new season of Law & Order to come to Netflix, we can’t say that Netflix is a good place to start watching the series. Sadly, Netflix is only carrying the previous three seasons at any one time after the majority of earlier seasons left earlier this year.

One of NBC’s longest running shows, it follows the Special Victims Unit in the New York Police Department but more importantly, stars Ice-T

The Blacklist (Season 5)

Expected Release Date: September 2018

Although you could argue the show has lost some of its edge that saw it blast onto the scene in the first few seasons, The Blacklist is still a joy to watch. The main reason to watch this show is the impeccable performance by James Spader who plays a top criminal who helps the FBI bring down some of the other big criminals with the help of Liz.

Further Ahead…

Taken (Season 2)

Expected Release Date: Early 2019

Taken is another series Netflix recently picked up exclusive streaming rights to and although a new season is airing in 2018, we’re not expecting it to arrive on Netflix until 2019 at the earliest. The series is based on the movie starring Liam Neeson of the same name.

The first season has mixed reviews which hopefully they can clear up the criticisms for the second season but we’re looking forward to seeing how it develops.

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