Introducing Netflix Original Series: The Rain

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Netflix has just released more information about the first Danish original series to be coming to Netflix in 2018. Netflix has been consistently expanding their original content into other countries. But what do we currently know about The Rain? Find out below.

Back in June of 2017 Netflix first announced their next investment in European content in the form of The Rain, a new Netflix Danish series. The show has been created by Jannik Tai Masholt (Follow the Money, Rita), Christian Potalivo and Esben Toft Jacobsen.

The Plot

The show is set after a horrific and devastating biological virus hits the human race and ends the world as we know it. The series follows two siblings who join a group of young survivors six years after the virus had killed most people in Scandinavia. They set off in the hope of finding their father or some sort of civilisation. Not many more specific details are known, but that’s often the case with Netflix thrillers like this one. The Drama, Thriller sounds interesting and has already attracted significant attention.

The Cast

The show is using a mostly Danish crew and cast, along with critically acclaimed Danish directors Natasha Arthy (The Killing) and Kenneth Kainz (Dicte).

The Vice president of Internation Original Series at Netflix has said

“Scandinavia is known around the world for intriguing storytelling and captivating TV. We are excited to be working with such fine local actors, writers and directors to bring a big, fresh premise to a global audience.”

The Cast includes:

  • Mikkel Boe Følsggard
  • Alba August
  • Lucas Lynggaard Tønnesen
  • Lars Simonsen
  • Iben Hjejle
  • Angela Bundalovic
  • Lukas Løkken
  • Jessica Dinnage
  • Johannes Kuhnke
  • Sonny Lindberg

The Teaser Trailer

Language Options

Due to this title being recorded and produced in Denmark (and Sweden) the show will not be primarily spoken in English. Just like the recent German Netflix Original Dark.

Netflix is great at giving you options to still enjoy this Netflix original if you do not speak Danish. You can either have the show dubbed over in English but you’ll also have multiple subtitles to chose from too. Subtitles will be the optimal way to watch the series.

Release Date

No specific release date has been revealed so far, but we know that The Rain will debut worldwide on Netflix sometime in Spring 2018.

As always, we will keep our eye out and if we spot any changes regarding the release date, we will be sure to update this article as soon as possible. So make sure to keep this page bookmarked if you are interested in this title.

Has the teaser trailer got you excited? Let us know in the comments below.

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