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dc shows coming to netflix 2021 and beyond

DC is very much alive and well on Netflix around the world with many of their properties still heading to Netflix despite Warner Brothers putting their efforts in HBO Max. Below, we’ll take you through all the DC shows set to hit Netflix around the world over the next year or so. 

DC Netflix Original Series

We’ll begin with Netflix Originals. In most of these instances below, they’ll be coming to Netflix globally as Netflix is the primary distributor.

Lucifer Season 5B & Season 6

Season 5B Release Date: May 28th
Season 6 Release Date: TBD – Expected 2022

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lucifer season 5b netflix may 2021

Saved after its cancelation on Fox, Lucifer has grown into one of Netflix’s biggest shows, and for good reason.

Two seasons are still remaining to be released with season 5B lined up for the end of May and season 6 has just wrapped filming but no release date yet.

The only other note we should add here is that some of the earlier seasons of Lucifer still aren’t available on Netflix in some regions. Netflix Germany doesn’t have any season of Lucifer including the Netflix Original seasons but is available on Amazon Prime Video.

Sweet Tooth

Season 1 Release Date: June 4th, 2021

sweet tooth netflix

Adapting the incredible comic book for the same name comes Sweet Tooth, a new family aimed DC show with Susan Downey and Robert Downey Jr serving as executive producers.

The series follows the birth and coming of age of a hybrid deer-boy who along with a stranger, embarks on an adventure.


The Sandman

Season 1 release date: Expected 2022

While we know a lot about the big-budget series based on Neil Gaiman’s defining comic series we still don’t know when it will release.

The series is being developed by Allan Heinberg and will star Tom Sturridge, Gwendoline Christie, Charles Dance, and Boyd Holbrook.

Filming is believed to wrap in June 2021 which means a 2022 release date window seems most likely at this point.

The CW DC Shows

These shows will vary in where they release with the US getting the most and other regions differing as to whether or not they carry the rights.

We should note that the following The CW DC shows do not come to Netflix anywhere:

Now let’s move into what The CW DC shows do come to Netflix still around the world. Note that this year most DC shows from The CW will arrive months later than usual due to filming delays.

Black Lightning (Season 4)

Arrives on Netflix globally (labeled as a Netflix Original outside the US). Season 4 has been airing since February 2021 and is expected to wrap up in early summer.

Season 4 will be the final Black Lightning season.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow (Season 6)

Once again, a later release on Netflix is expected given production delays and is expected over the summer.

The release of Legends of Tomorrow season 6 will include the United States but doesn’t include other major English-speaking countries such as Canada, Australia, or the United Kingdom. Most of Latin America, and Europe do receive new seasons, however.

The series has been renewed for season 7.

Supergirl (Season 6)

Much like Black Lightning wrapping up this year, Supergirl season 6 will be the show’s last.

As with the other CW shows, Netflix US and Canada will get the new episodes much later this year. Some regions, such as the Netherlands, still get weekly episodes for Supergirl.

The Flash (Season 7)

While the US will have to wait until the series wraps to get season 7 of The Flash, many international regions get weekly episodes just like with Supergirl.

Netflix Canada is among the recipients of weekly episodes but notably, Netflix UK and Netflix AU don’t get the show at all.

The Flash has been renewed for season 8.

Other DC Shows Coming to Netflix

This will cover just the one other DC show that we definitely know is coming to Netflix. In most cases, DC shows go to HBO Max now with international distributors picked seemingly on who is the highest bidder.

Doom Patrol, Swamp Thing and Pennyworth did not make their way onto Netflix internationally for instance.

Y: The Last Man, DC Super Hero High, Green Lantern, Peacemaker and DMZ are not expected to make their way onto Netflix either.

Titans (Season 3)

Available in most Netflix regions outside the United States

titans netflix season 3

Essentially serving as the live-action Teen Titans, this series continues to be a fan favorite and makes the perfect watch alongside Doom Patrol.

New seasons have come to Netflix a month or two after wrapping up which could mean (assuming the new season drops in late 2021) that we get season 3 on Netflix in early 2022.

The series resides exclusively on HBO Max in the United States.

This list is still likely lacking a few titles particularly when it comes to some of the animated DC projects like Teen Titans that do regularly show up on Netflix outside the US (and in the US in some instances).

Have we missed any DC shows coming soon to Netflix? Let us know in the comments down below.

DC Shows Coming Soon to Netflix

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