Australian Series ‘Rake’ Leaving Netflix Globally in December 2021

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rake leaving netflix in december 2021

Rake – Picture: ABC Television

A high-profile show from Australia is set to leave Netflix globally in December 2021. All five seasons of Rake are set to be removed from Netflix come December 15th, 2021. 

First airing on ABC1 in Australia back in 2010, the series eventually went onto air five seasons across 40 episodes through to 2018.

The premise of the show centers around an attorney called Cleaver Greene who is despised by his colleagues and gets by on the skin of his teeth being a druggie and gambling addict.

Richard Roxburgh led the cast as Cleaver Greene with other cast members including Adrienne Pickering, Matt Day, Russell Dykstra, and
Danielle Cormack.

The series also eventually got a short-lived US adaptation over on Fox led by Greg Kinnear.

Where is Rake leaving Netflix?

While not every Netflix region streams Rake, the series is available in at least 25 according to Unogs with most to all showing removal notices.

Removal dates seem to vary depending on your region. Many regions will see all five seasons depart on December 1st with the bigger Netflix regions losing the show on December 15th, 2021.

Netflix Australia is not currently showing a removal date but likely will expire in the near future too.

Where will Rake stream next after leaving Netflix?

The good news seems to be that the show has already found a new home at least in a few regions. AcornTV notably snapped up the streaming rights to the series

In the US, Amazon Prime Video is also currently hosting three seasons of the show.

December 2021 is going to see a number of high-profile titles leave Netflix, particularly in the United States. Among the other highlights currently set to depart includes Glee on December 1st, all four seasons of the superb Halt and Catch Fire in the middle of the month as well as plenty of movies too.

Will you miss Rake when it leaves Netflix in December? Let us know in the comments.

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