Are ‘The Santa Clause’ Movies on Netflix?

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The Santa Clause – Picture: Disney

It’s Christmas time which means you’re probably finding out all of the Christmas classics on your favorite streaming networks. If you’re looking for The Santa Clause on Netflix this year, you’re going to be out of luck as the movies have found a new permanent home. 

For those who are unaware, The Santa Clause are the big Christmas movies featuring Tim Allen. The movie franchise consists of three titles with many people often ignoring the third entry (and some even the second entry)

The first movie first released in 1994 when Tim Allen was at the height of his career having just voiced in Toy Story and featuring in his sitcom. Eight years later, the second movie released in 2002 which saw a botox Santa and four years after that, the third movie released which sees Santa Clause face off against Jack Frost.

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Why The Santa Clause isn’t on Netflix

Sadly, The Santa Clause isn’t on Netflix for Christmas 2019 nor will it likely ever be on Netflix again.

The reason for this is because who owns the movies. In this case, they’re owned by Buena Vista Pictures and you may know that’s Disney essentially. Disney has been putting all of its content (where it can) on Disney+ which is where it resides as of November 12th, 2019 onwards. This applies to all regions.

It’s exactly the reason why the Home Alone movies aren’t on Netflix in 2019 too.

Netflix has streamed The Santa Clause before. Netflix last held the first movie on its service back in December 2016.

A quick side note, despite the above, one region still has access to the second movie in The Santa Clause franchise. The Santa Clause 2 is currently streaming on Netflix in India for Christmas 2019.

The good news is that Netflix has Christmas sorted with plenty of other Christmas movies available including some excellent new additions for 2019.

Do you wish The Santa Clause was on Netflix for 2019? Let us know in the comments.

Are ‘The Santa Clause’ Movies on Netflix?

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