‘Home Alone’ Movies Aren’t on Netflix for Christmas 2021

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Home Alone

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Home Alone is perhaps one of the biggest Christmas franchises in history although beyond the first two entries quality becomes very sketchy. In 2021, there’s a brand new entry in the Home Alone universe but are any of the six Home Alone movies on Netflix? Sadly, no longer.

Celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2020, the first and second movie are widely adored holiday hits. The movie franchise is notably owned by 20th Century Fox and as you may have heard they got bought out by Disney in 2018. This information will be important in a second.

In 2021, Disney released its brand new reboot of the franchise as one of the flagship Disney+ Original movies of the year. When it was eventually released on November 12th it did so to widespread controversy. In fact, it’s been dubbed as one of the worst movies ever made. Chris Columbus, the original director notably dismissed the reboot before the release saying it was “a waste of time“.

Let’s now take a look at Netflix around the world to see where it’s streaming and if it’s not on Netflix, where you’ll find them streaming instead.

Why aren’t the Home Alone movies on Netflix in the United States?

As you can imagine, the movie gets insanely popular around Christmas. In previous years, it’d be down to who had the most money to pay for the licensing fee or perhaps more importantly, which streamer or cable network had the movie licensed at that time of year.

In previous years, providers like Starz have carried the movie in the holiday season but from 2019 it looks like Home Alone has found a new home.

Starting November 12th, 2019 Home Alone was on Disney+ for the holidays but was removed in January. It has, however, once again been licensed by Disney+ and is available for the holidays on that platform.

Once again in 2021, most of the Home Alone movies can be found on Disney+ in the US excluding Home Alone 4.

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Where are the Home Alone movies on Netflix?

For the majority of regions around the world, you’ll need a Disney+ subscription to stream Home Alone movies for 2021 too.

In the UK, Disney+ didn’t carry Home Alone in 2019 because the service didn’t launch till early 2020. Before then, the movie was a permanent fixture on NowTV. Now, just like the other regions, you can find the movies on Disney+.

In fact, around the world, the movie is exclusively available on Disney+ but on the bright side, it is there all year round.

Home Alone Features in Netflix Documentary Series

That’s not to say there’s nothing Home Alone related on Netflix, however.

We’re referring to The Movies That Made Us. The first season of the docuseries featured Home Alone.

The 45-minute doc was the second episode of season 1 that looks into the behind-the-scenes and story of how the first Home Alone movie came to be.

Netflix’s channel “Still Watching Netflix” released a summary of the doc’s most compelling facts last year.

Also for Christmas movie fans. We do have good news in that the director of the first two films, Chris Columbus works with Netflix on an output deal and his two movies currently on Netflix also happen to be Christmas movies! The Christmas Chronicles 1 & 2 are now on Netflix globally.

Do you wish Netflix was streaming Home Alone for 2021? Let us know in the comments.

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