Bridgerton Reportedly Renewed for Season 2, Filming Starts Summer 2020

Shonda Rhimes & Bridgerton novel cover – Picture: Getty Images / Julia Quinn

Netflix and Shonda Rhimes’s output has begun ramping up with the release of the first season of Bridgerton due out later in 2020. According to a production schedule, Bridgerton has not only been renewed but is due to start filming its second season in Summer 2020.

At the time of initial publishing, we still don’t know exactly when season 1 of Bridgerton will hit Netflix. We’ve got a good idea as to what the first season will entail including a big cast list but again, no release date.

In case you’re unaware, the upcoming Shonda Rhimes series is the first in her production companies output for Netflix. The production company had previous been tied to ABC projects such as Grey’s Anatomy and How To Get Away With Murder before jumping over to Netflix as part of a widely publicized deal.

So let’s get onto Bridgerton season 2. It’s important to note, Netflix themselves (or Shondaland for that matter) have announced anything official regarding the future of the show beyond season 1.

However, given the scope of the project and the wealth of material the series has to source from with 8 books to cover, in theory, it’s not a complete surprise.

The production schedule, as provided by ProductionWeekly listed the second season of Bridgerton as being renewed and it’s due to start filming in July 2020. Only one filming location is listed at the moment with that being Uxbridge. We know, however, that it’ll likely extend to other locations including Somerset.

The report also said the schedule for season 2 is due to wrap up in May 2021. Much like season 1 of Bridgerton, it has a lengthy filming schedule much like fellow period drama series, The Crown.

So why such an early renewal? Well, given the filming schedule, it’s likely Netflix has had to pull the trigger early in an effort to limit the time during seasons. Given the current schedule, it’s easily going to be a year and a half wait between seasons 1 and 2.

It’s early days and we’ll let you know if we hear about anything else regarding the future of Bridgerton as we get it.