CNN Documentaries Being Removed From Netflix in June

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Three of CNN’s documentary series are scheduled to be leaving Netflix in the United States in June. All three are scheduled for removal on June 16th. We have more about the documentaries plus why they’re leaving below. 

Let’s start off by saying, yes we know CNN is a controversial news outlet. In divisive times like these, we’re going to avoid talking politics here as these series exist outside of the current bubble we’re living in. These three documentaries mostly were released before 2016 and avoid the subject of Trump altogether.

It’s absolutely worth noting this early on that removal dates are subject to change and we expect to get official confirmation towards the end of June from Netflix themselves.

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Update: all three of these titles have been renewed

What documentaries are being removed?

Anthony Bourdain – Parts Unknown

Seasons available: 8

This series leaves politics at the door and is actually a highly respected and much-loved cooking show. It features on our list of the best cooking shows so we suggest you watch quickly. The series sees Anthony Bourdain travel around the world experiencing both different cultures and foods.

The Eighties and The Seventies

These two docuseries take a look at the two respective decades. It mainly covers the politics of the decades but also takes a look at the pop culture of the time and other major news stories. Each episode is around 45 minutes for around eight episodes each.

Why are the documentaries leaving?

Titles from other content providers are essentially leased to Netflix. Once the lease is up, it’s down to both parties to come to an agreement to renew it.

For more on what’s leaving Netflix in June, check out our list and if you like documentaries, why not check out our top 50 documentaries currently streaming on Netflix.

CNN Documentaries Being Removed From Netflix in June

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