Dynasty Season 2 Episode 9: When will it be on Netflix?

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With the Christmas break soon upon us, we thought it apt to make everyone aware of when Dynasty will be returning to Netflix. Now at the time of writing there is one more episode scheduled for the 22nd of December but the show will be taking a Christmas break after it has aired.

While Dynasty isn’t as popular as other CW shows, the series is only in its second season and its fanbase is growing steadily by the day. This has been helped with the distribution of the show across regions outside of the United States. These episodes have been released weekly, 24 hours after the episode airs in America. The same way The Good Place and Riverdale air on Netflix.

When will season 2, episode 10 of Dynasty be streaming on Netflix?

As we’ve already stated at the time of writing there is still one more episode to air before the Christmas break. Episode 9 of Dynasty will be airing on The CW on the 22nd of December, so we can expect the next episode to air on Netflix on the 23rd of December.

Episode 10 is not scheduled to air until after the Christmas break is over. On the 19th of January, Episode 10 will be airing on The CW. Dynasty will return to Netflix on the 20th of January.


What to expect from season 3, episode 10 of Dynasty

Well as episode 9 is yet to air we don’t know yet know where the narrative is going for episode 10!

Everything is culminating with the wedding. Do we expect the wedding to go through without a hitch? Hell no!

We’ll make sure to update this once episode 9 has aired!

How many episodes of Dynasty are left to stream?

If you include episode 9 then there are still 14 episodes to air. Like many other CW shows, Dynasty also has 22 episodes for each season.

When will season 3 of Riverdale arrive on Netflix US and Canada?

Dynasty will eventually arrive on Netflix US and Canada soon after the finale has finished. As the finale is expected to air in May we can expect season 3 to arrive in early June of 2019.

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