When will ‘Ralph Breaks The Internet’ be on Netflix?

Ralph Breaks the Internet – Copyright Disney

Disney’s final animated movie of 2018 will also be the last animated Disney movie coming to Netflix. Here’s when Ralph Breaks the Internet will be on Netflix plus where it’ll be streaming too.

The upcoming movie is a sequel to the Oscar-nominated first movie which released in 2012. A lot of the characters return but this time around, Ralph breaks into the internet. It’ll feature many other Disney characters as well as social media and internet brands too. It looks to be one of Disney’s most ambitious animated projects to date and arrives in cinemas on November 21st.

In case you’re wanting to watch the original movie, you may have a hard time doing so on Netflix with it only streaming on a limited number of regions.

Ralph Breaks The Internet Is Coming to Netflix US

As we mentioned above, this will be one of the last Disney movies to come to Netflix. The Disney deal began in 2016 but failed to renew last year. That means all movies released in theatres between 2016 to end of 2018 will be released on Netflix.

From its theatrical release, it takes roughly 6 to 8 months of time for it to drop on Netflix US. That means we’re expecting the movie to drop between May and July 2018.

Remember, when it comes to Netflix it will eventually leave. All Disney movies appear to be removed exactly a year and a half after it drops.

Netflix also promoted the new movie recently on Twitter using one of its many accounts.

What other regions will get Ralph Breaks the Internet

Netflix Canada is also expected to get Ralph Breaks the Internet drop around the same time as the United States.

Netflix in the United Kingdom tends to get Disney movies streaming after the second wave of releases. NowTV normally gets first dibs on the movie streaming which will be next summer. Netflix tends to get it around a year or two later.

Let us know down below whether you’re looking forward to catching Ralph Breaks the Internet?

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