Fuller House fans campaigning for series to be uncancelled

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With the news that Netflix is canceling the sitcom Fuller House after season 5, fans have begun a campaign to revive the show again. Here’s how you can get involved plus what fans are doing to get their voices heard.

Let’s quickly rewind and cover the events of the past few months. Season 4 released on Netflix in its regular timeslot of December. Rumors were circulating around that time of the show being canceled but up until late January, we hadn’t heard the future plans for the show.

Then, on January 31st, Netflix announced that the show would be returning for one final farewell season. What most fans took out of this announcement, however, is that the series will be coming to an end. Five seasons is obviously falling far short of the eight seasons that Full House managed on ABC.

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With the announcement, social media channels have erupted with people asking for either Netflix to reconsider or that a network like ABC takes over the license.

How can you get involved?

At the moment, most people on social media are using the hashtags “#SaveFullerHouse” and is also being posted under “#HowRudeCampaign”.

The campaign has yet to trend on Twitter.


Over on Change.org, a petition for Netflix to not cancel Fuller House has almost reached 1,500 signatures. Various other campaigns have cropped up but none to that level of signatures.

Will Netflix change their decision?

The chances of a reversal of the decision are slim. Netflix usually makes decisions that stick with a few rare occasions.

After the cancelation of Sense8, for example, hundreds of thousands of fans took to social media and petition sites and managed to get Netflix to give the series a final episode which released last year.

Most seem to be putting their hopes on ABC, the original network of Full House to pick up the show.

Why was Fuller House canceled?

Sadly, Netflix hasn’t given an official reason but it’s likely that viewing figures weren’t quite at where Netflix wanted them. The streaming service did switch up its release schedule splitting seasons into two halves but it reverted after a single season of that schedule.

Now over to you. Do you think Netflix was wrong to cancel Fuller House? Are you just glad we’re getting a final season? Let us know in the comments down below.

Fuller House fans campaigning for series to be uncancelled

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