Will the original “Full House” come to Netflix in 2016?

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The original Full House is in hot demand at the moment as fans desperately want to try and cram in the original 90’s sitcom on Netflix but are frustrated to find out that it’s not streaming. What the hell is going on? We’re going to go and have a look.

Firstly as to why it’s in hot demand. In case you haven’t heard, Netflix is producing a full blown sequel to the show featuring original members of the cast and crew coming on board. It’s due to be released on Netflix, in full, on February 26th. While Netflix promises you’ll be able to watch the show without any background knowledge of the previous 8 seasons we suspect many new and returning fans would still consider it a bonus if they could.

The show was focused around a newly widowed husband who is tasked with raising his children all by himself. He quickly is overwhelmed and gets help from other members of the family who all move in making it a Full House. The show was among the best at the time of release and has been in syndication ever since. The show ran for 8 seasons and produced 192 individual episodes.

What we’re really here for is to learn as to why or whether the show will be coming to Netflix over the coming weeks to either stream before or after the release of the brand new reboot. To do this we’re going to be looking at who owns the rights to the show. When it originally started airing it was doing so on ABC who carried the show from start to finish but was actually produced by multiple studios. In the end however, it was being produced solely by Warner Bros Television.

Over the years it has swapped hands when it comes to syndication and at the moment Nickelodeon has the rights to the show. Nickelodeon’s parent company, Viacom, famously pulled out all of their content from Netflix a few years back and that’d prevent the show coming to Netflix. On Wikipedia though, Warner Bros. Television Distribution is still listed as the main distributor for the show.

Now what we’re predicting is that Viacom, who’s been syndicating the show since 2003 may loose the rights to the show around the time the reboot launches. If that’s the case then it’d be an obvious fit for the show to come onto Netflix. If Viacom continues showing Full House however, then we suspect that it’s very unlikely to come to Netflix at all. We reached out to a customer service rep at Netflix who said he wasn’t currently aware of any plans to bring Full House to streaming.

All is not lost however because those in Canada are actually able to stream all of Full House right now. We’re not jealous or anything.

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