Shadowhunters Season 3B Netflix Weekly Release Schedule (February 2019)

Shadowhunters Season 3b – Freeform/Netflix

The second half of Shadowhunters season 3 will be coming to Netflix internationally exclusively from February 26th, 2019. Below, we’ll outline the release schedule for the upcoming final 12 episodes. 

The TV series adaptation of the book series called Mortal Instruments has gained a huge fanbase since it first started airing back in January 2016. The show stars Katherine McNamara, Dominic Sherwood, Alberto Rosende and Matthew Daddario. The series follows Clary who discovers she’s a shadow hunter whose duty is to protect humans from demons.

The show, as you may know by now, has been canceled. Netflix had a large part to play in its cancellation mainly due to them pulling out of the international deal after Season 3. Without this international deal, Freeform could no longer fund the future of the series.

Netflix has had the international rights for Shadowhunters since season one. The deal dictates that new episodes arrive the day after an episode airs in the United States.

These following countries are included in the international deal and will, therefore, be getting season 3b. These countries include Australia, Canada, India, Israel, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom which are the main regions. Most regions outside of the United States carry the show.

From season two, Freeform began splitting up the show into two halves. The difference between Season 2 and Season 3 is that we’re having to wait a year for the second half. Because it’s going to be the last season, there are twelve episodes planned for season 3b rather than just ten.

SHADOWHUNTERS – “How Are Thou Fallen”(Freeform/John Medland)

When will Season 3B of Shadowhunters be on Netflix?

We’ve finally gotten the release schedule for Shadowhunters and we now know it will consist of 12 episodes.

New episodes will be airing from February 25th but arrive on Netflix the following day.

So from February 26th, every Tuesday a new episode will drop.

As we stated above, new episodes will arrive the following morning (roughly 8 AM GMT) on Netflix.

Episode #Freeform Release DateNetflix Release Date
Episode 01February 25th, 2019February 26th
Episode 02March 4thMarch 5th
Episode 03March 11thMarch 12th
Episode 04March 18thMarch 19th
Episode 05March 25thMarch 26th
Episode 06April 1stApril 2nd
Episode 07April 8thApril 9th
Episode 08April 15thApril 16th
Episode 09April 22ndApril 23rd
Episode 10April 29thApril 30th
Episode 11May 6thMay 7th
Episode 12May 13thMay 14th

Will the United States Netflix get Shadowhunters season 3b?

Unfortunately not. Netflix doesn’t hold the streaming rights to the show in the US. Hulu is the only provider in the United States who will get upcoming episodes.

you sad that this will be the final season of Shadowhunters on Netflix? Let us know in the comments.