‘Gentefied’ Season 2: Netflix Renewal Status & Release Date

Season 1 of Gentefied is now available to stream on Netflix

After a fantastic and charming first season of television, all the subscribers that tuned in for Gentefied will be hoping to see a second season. Netflix subscribers have been granted their wish as Gentefied will be returning for a second season! We’ll be keeping track of all things season two including the lastest cast and production news, along with keeping track of season 2’s potential release date.

Gentefied is a Netflix Original original comedy-drama series based on the online digital-short of the same name. Created by Marvin Lemus and Linda Yvette Chávez, the series has been produced and directed by Ugly Better star America Ferrera.

Has Netflix renewed Gentefied for a second season?

Official Netflix Renewal Status: Renewed (Last Updated: 26/02/2020)

We’re almost three months on from the release of Gentefied, and finally Netflix has confirmed the series renewal for a second season.

Does Gentefied need a second season?

Most definitely. While the Morales family were busy celebrating the birth of Erik’s newborn daughter, Delfina, who is named after Erik’s grandmother, Pop was in trouble, getting arrested for an outstanding fine from a vandalism charge from six months ago. In the first episode of the series, Pop was arrested for public urination and breaking a window, and after his bail out we never saw him return to court or pay a fine for his actions. In the final moments, Erik realized Pop wasn’t there, only for us to witness the family patriarch being taken away by ICE.

Erik holding his newborn daughter Delfina

Without the knowledge of Pop being taken away by ICE, the Morales family will be desperate to find him. They may get lucky and discover the outstanding charges in Pop’s name, but he could still be deported from the country. Despite being a business owner, Pop is an undocumented immigrant. Erik and Lidia’s dream future of moving to Palo Alto, California, may have to be put on hold until Pop is brought home and the future of Mama Fina’s is secure.

Pop being taken away by ICE

Chris finally decided to dedicate his culinary skills to Mama Fina’s, but his father dropped a huge bombshell, offering Chris the chance to go to culinary school. With the ongoing chaos and uncertainty with the Morales, Chris might not be going to school anytime soon.

After a disagreement between on-and-off-again couple Ana and Yessika, will the pair reunite in the second season? Yessika believed that partaking in a food festival would have catered to gentrifiers, but Ana was more concerned with keeping Mama Fina’s alive.

Lastly, the future of Mama Fina’s is in huge danger after it was revealed that Vivian, an art connoisseur, plans to turn Mama Fina’s into a “theme pop-up food experience.”

Ana learning the news about Mama Fina’s from Vivian

What did subscribers think of Gentefied?

A lot of subscribers have fallen in love with the first season of Gentefied:

When is the Netflix release date for Gentefied season two?

Now that the series has been renewed, we can speculate on the potential release date. If it wasn’t for the coronavirus pandemic, we’d be more inclined to say that the series could have returned early next year.

Sadly, with all the uncertainty around when lockdown measures will be removed, and when can productions continue it may be a while before we see Gentefied season two on Netflix.

At this moment in time, our prediction is that Gentefied will return to Netflix in the Summer of 2021, or Fall 2021.

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