‘Medical Police’ Season 2: Has Netflix Renewed or Canceled?

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medical police season 2 has netflix renewed or canceled

Medical Police – Picture: Netflix

We’ll soon be closing in on 2 years since the debut of Medical Police on Netflix which dropped globally and it looks as though the show has been canceled despite no official confirmation from Netflix themselves. Will we see the return of Medical Police on Netflix? Let’s take a look.

Just to quickly bring you up to speed, the Netflix comedy series is a spin-off to Childrens Hospital that aired on AdultSwim between 2010 and 2016. The original show was a spin-off of medical dramas whereas Medical Police spoofed both medical dramas and spy thrillers.

Headling the show was Erinn Hayes and Rob Huebel who both appeared in the original series too. Rob Corddry returned to write the series alongside Krister Johnson, Jonathan Stern, and David Wain.

The series featured a global disease incident which eerily came just before the global pandemic we’re all still living through nearly two years later too.

Sadly, the show came out just before the Netflix top 10s feature and Nielsen also wasn’t tracking viewership so we don’t know how well it performed. On the IMDb Movie Meter charts, the series reached a high of #50.

Has Netflix renewed or canceled Medical Police?

Officially, Netflix has yet to announce the show’s fate still.

With that said, it’s almost not returning.

Given the number of shows Netflix releases, it shouldn’t come as a huge surprise that many get left and forgotten about. We’ve cataloged some of the shows that are still yet to get confirmations with some being years since we got their last seasons.

What usually happens is what we refer to as a ghost cancelation. This is where the show gets quietly canned behind the scenes without telling the general public or trade outlets in Hollywood.

The only remote possibility is that because of the pandemic it pushed any production back but this hurts its chances of returning rather than aid it.

While there is some Reddit activity for a second season, ultimately it looks like it’s one and done for Medical Police on Netflix.

Rob Huebel continues to work on numerous projects including Bob’s Burgers and The Goldbergs. He’s also set to star in The Sex Lives of College Girls. Meanwhile, Erinn Hayes has also taken up residency on The Goldbergs for the past season too.

We’ve got some more coverage on Medical Police in case you’re interested. We managed to chat with Matt Novack who serves as the composer for the series back in January 2020.

Would you have liked to have seen Medical Police return for a season 2 at Netflix? Let us know in the comments.

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