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Jessica Jones isn’t your ordinary woman living in New York City. She’s cool, she’s strong and she’s a badass. There’s no doubt that the first series brought about mystery, violence, sex and moments that left us all wanting more. But what do we really want from the next series?

Krysten Ritter, who starred in Breaking Bad and Don’t Trust the Bitch in Apartment 23, played the secretive and sketchy private investigator, but she had no idea that her greatest enemy was there ready to try to win her heart with his mind tricks. Shame she couldn’t be fooled by him anymore.

David Tennant is known for his quirky character as Doctor Who, so some may find it weird to see him play the ultimate villain in Jessica Jones. The best part is, he doesn’t even know he is doing wrong as he was never taught any different. However, David Tennant, AKA Kilgrave, is certainly a character I’m sure we’d all like to see back in another series. Although in the final episode Jessica finally fools him into thinking that his powers work on her again and ends up breaking his neck, something still feels unfinished between the two of them.

Kilgrave proved his power to us all in the series, controlling minds for hours at a time and having people kill themselves in brutal ways. Jessica was always there to pick up the pieces and eventually, kill him off. But is it really the end? I think fans would be disappointed to not see him back again, especially considering the amount of tension he built for Jessica. The evidence is in his survival before, when he managed to force others around him to fix him up after a car accident, even by taking body parts from a match. So if Kilgrave has really gone to rest, who knows what could happen next.

I’m not going to lie, I was slightly disappointed when Kilgrave and Jessica Jones did not go out and try to save the world together. I never knew how to feel about Kilgrave, on the one side he seems completely harmless in his devotion for Jessica and how he recreates her childhood home was a lovely gesture… and a little creepy. So, assuming he will be back, it would be intriguing to see Jessica try to show him how to do right with his powers properly, but for something to go wrong.

In all of the drama there’s Malcolm Ducasse. Although he was a victim of Kilgrave’s tricks, he believed that he was always looking out for Jessica. A sweet man who didn’t see justice in the series. If Jessica Jones were to branch out into a second series, seeing more of him could make things interesting. Malcolm wanted to be a social worker, despite his previous drug problem, so I would find it intriguing if he could make a difference in another series, but to help children who may have been affected by super powers such as what we’ve witnessed on the show. To add to this, Trish, who is Jessica’s best friend and adoptive sister, could teach others ways to protect themselves. Being taught how to defend yourself could be a good way for those affected to feel powerful again, and for Trish to feel she is helping Jessica seeing as, in certain episodes, she thought she was helpless.

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There was a moment in the series when Jessica took Luke Cage to the hospital, and I did feel a small glimmer of hope when nurse Claire Temple arrived, assuring Jessica that this wasn’t her first experience with a man with super powers. If only there had been more of a crossover between this show and Daredevil, Marvel fans would find that particularly exciting. Unlike Daredevil who has a mask, Jessica Jones does not have a superhero costume, she simply says she’s not making it public but she’s not in hiding. I personally like the cool aura she portrays and this is definitely reflected in her black leather jacket that she doesn’t go out without, black jeans and vest tops. Despite Trish trying to persuade her to have a superhero look about her, I don’t think she needs it.

Jessica Jones is not for the weak, or in fact for the young. You might show your 11-year-old Marvel’s Iron Man or Captain America, but you sure as hell would not let them watch Jessica Jones just yet. The violence is both intriguing and hard to watch but the main question is: how far will this be taken into a next series? Would a new challenge for Jessica bring about disappointment after this exciting first-season, or would it be just as exhilarating to watch?
So here’s a break-down of what we want out of a second series:

  • Kilgrave back in action, whether that be working with Jessica to fight a new villain or being the main problem again
  • A crossover with Daredevil, considering they are both protecting Hell’s Kitchen
  • More from Malcolm, the man who wants to help Jessica more than she lets him
  • An insight into Jessica’s true emotions – it’s obvious she doesn’t open up to anyone too much after her situation with Kilgrave
  • Something more from Luke Cage, seeing as he didn’t seem to play a huge role in the series – it was only his connections with his wife that he properly came into the picture
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