‘Surviving Summer’ Season 2: Netflix Renewal Status & What We Know So Far

No news on the future of Surviving Summer just yet.

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surviving summer season 2 netflix renewal status what we know so far

Surviving Summer – Picture: Netflix

One of the new series to hit Netflix in June 2022 is Surviving Summer, the new family drama that’s been making an impact on Netflix’s top 10s. How likely is a season 2 of Surviving Summer and what could we expect from future seasons? Let’s have a look.

Surviving Summer comes from the same Australian production company behind Netflix’s Secret City, Werner Film Productions. It stars Sky Katz who is best known from her days at Disney on Raven’s Home. The cast also features Kai Lewins, Lilliana Bowrey, and Savannah La Rain.

Has Netflix renewed Surviving Summer for season 2?

Official Renewal Status: Not yet renewed
Renewal Prediction: 50/50

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Netflix has yet to determine the future of Surviving Summer as of the time of publishing following a couple weeks after its launch. We’re currently 50/50 on the future of the series. While the show has shown that it’s got legs from week 1 to week 2, Australian productions haven’t had the best luck historically in getting renewed.

On the production company’s website, they host a blog post that seems to hint at intentions of bringing back the show saying “The production team’s fingers are crossed that Shorehaven will charm viewers as it does Summer and that there will be a second season, ideally with suitable surf.”

In addition, Sky Katz who stars as Summer Torres in the series told The Express:

“Listen, I hope so. It’ll be a bit before that’s determined, but we’re all crossing our fingers.”

On an Instagram post on June 8th, Lilliana Bowrey stated that a decision had yet to be made on the series saying:

“This still hasn’t sunk in yet. If you told 5yr old me that me learning to surf would lead me to become an actress in a TV series shown around the world and I would meet my second family and best friends for life I would have never believed it! Thank you so much for all the love and support. I don’t know if there will be a second Season as yet (it’s only been 6 days since release) but if the world keeps watching and loving the show surely there’s a high chance there will be one right?!.”

How well is Surviving Summer performing on Netflix?

Viewing metrics for the show are a little too early although we do have a few sources to say how well the show is doing.

Straight from the horse’s mouth, Netflix, we got our first indication of how well the show was doing on June 14th.

While the show missed out on the TV (English) top 10 in its first three days (meaning it scored less than 8.7M hours viewed) it did feature in its first full week on Netflix (June 6 through 12).

There it picked up 20.3M views suggesting that the show got off to a slow start but has been slowly picking up over time.

surviving summer week 1 hourly data netflix

Week 1 statistics for Surviving Summer on Netflix

How is the show doing when it comes to raw top 10 data and where is it performing well? Well, we can turn to FlixPatrol who shows us that the series is performing best in Eastern Europe, the Nordics, Australia and New Zealand.

Their data suggests the show may have peaked on June 7th (four days after its premiere) picking up 363 points.

The show also qualifies for the Netflix Kids top 10s where it’s performing well.

A heat map below shows you where the show is picking up the most points in the top 10s (bear in mind that FlixPatrol doesn’t track all regions).

surviving summer heatmap popularity netflix tv top 10s

In terms of other metrics, on IMDb’s MovieMeter the show has seemingly now peaked at being the 108th most popular title in the world rising from 1,021st on its first week.

In terms of reviews, the show has a 6.2 out of 10 on IMDb with only 823 reviews so far. Reviews ranged from calling it bland all the way through to saying that it’s one of the best shows to come out of Australia.

What to expect from Surviving Summer season 2 on Netflix

Should the series get renewed, events will no doubt continue from where they left off in episode 10.

As a quick reminder, here’s a rundown of what did happen in episode 10:

“Margot arrives to bring Summer home, while the crew tries to qualify for the state team. Bodhi gets in trouble during her heat. Ari makes a choice.”

Season 2 would likely pick up with Summer in New York again (just the same as how season 1 did) with potentially a new challenge or reason to head to back to Australia to spend time with her newly acquired friends.

Of course, we could see a reversal at play, could her friends join her in New York for season 2? Time will tell.

Would you like to see Surviving Summer return for a Season 2 at Netflix? Let us know in the comments.

‘Surviving Summer’ Season 2: Netflix Renewal Status & What We Know So Far

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