What Time Will Stranger Things Season 2 be on Netflix?

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Stranger Things season 2 releases on Netflix tonight so if you’re planning on staying up late to watch the new season, here’s a breakdown of when you need to be awake to watch where you live in the world. 

Perhaps the biggest show in the world right now is finally returning after a long year and a half wait to awaiting fans around the world. We’ll once again be joining Eleven and her four boys to go up against whatever the upside down throws at them. Season 2 will introduce new characters, new monsters and is also set to be the scariest season yet thanks to it launching on Halloween.

Worldwide Strange Things S2 Release Time Schedule

As with all Netflix Originals, they get launched at the same time. Given Netflix’s HQ is on the West Coast of America, that’s the main timezone to look out for. They add it to Netflix at 12:00AM PDT meaning you then have to calculate the timezones in different regions at that point.

Luckily, we’ve produced a table below that covers when Stranger Things season 2 will be added on the East Coast, the United Kingdom, Europe, Singapore and Australia.

Time Available Timezone Location
00:00 PDT West Coast – US
01:00 MT Mid-West – US
02:00 CET Central – US
03:00 EDT East Coast – US
09:00/08:00 BST/GMT United Kingdom
17:00 AEST Australia
09:00 CEST Europe
15:00 SGT Singapore

‘I can’t find Stranger Things season 2 on Netflix!?’

If you’re looking above and the time has passed and you’re not finding season 2 available to stream yet, try the direct link on the desktop or mobile. Start watching the new season on there and your other devices should kick in on season 2. Sometimes it takes time for the series to roll out across every region and device.

Are you staying up and heading back to Hawkins early or waiting until later? Let us know below!

What Time Will Stranger Things Season 2 be on Netflix?

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