The OA Season 2: Rumors, Renewal Status and Release Date

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Netflix’s next big hit arrived on Friday under a lot of mystery with the first announcement of the show only coming on our radars just a week before. The series has released to resounding success with many media outlets proclaiming it’s the best Netflix Original series since Stranger Things which is no small feat. What about another season, though? Let’s take a look at the possibility and a potential release date.

In case you’ve not started watching yet, don’t let us spoil anything for you below and do yourself a solid by going into this series as cold as you can, it’s just how it’s built. The series is shrouded in mystery from the very get go with a young girl being recorded jumping off a bridge. This girl then wakes to find her parents waiting for her who haven’t seen her for eight years since she went missing. Oh, and she got her eyesight back from being blind too.

The similarities between Stranger Things and The OA is there but it’s far more like the recently acquired Australian series Glitch.

Renewal Status

Official renewal status(02/08/2017): Season 2 has been confirmed and is officially called Part II. Netflix dropped a brand new trailer confirming the new series on its live stream where it announced several new shows. No release date was confirmed so see below for our speculation on that.

Old story

What’s the possibility of a new season then? Well, the series which for the most part completely a mystery wrapped up with all the pieces clicking together, at least for our main protagonist. Much like Stranger Things which wrapped up everything nicely for its first season, the creators announced a few months later that it’d be returning. We think the same is almost definitely going to happen with The OA.

Even if it doesn’t return to the main story path in a second season, the show could easily work in an anthology format.

When will season 2 of The OA be on Netflix?

Netflix Originals all have different release schedules as creators aren’t restrained to a yearly release schedule. Although Stranger Things is expected to release a year after the first season, we don’t think The OA will be available in 2017. Our evidence for this is because the first season, although announced to be coming to Netflix very late, was announced in March 2015 to be in development. If it were to come out in a yearly fashion, we’d expect a new season in December 2017.

That combined with the show’s creator Zal Batmanglij’s movie history which typically takes a couple of years between each project makes us believe we may be waiting a bit later. Our best guess at a second season would be early-to-mid 2018, but at this stage, it’s hard to predict.

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