What Time Will ‘Uncut Gems’ be on Netflix?

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Uncut Gems – Picture: A24

Adam Sandler’s Uncut Gems is coming to Netflix on May 24th but if you’re planning on staying up, let’s take you through when exactly you can begin watching Uncut Gems depending on which timezone you live in.

As you probably know, Uncut Gems features the talents of Adam Sandler who is usually featured in comedic roles but this is a welcome and fascinating change for the actor. He’s a staple on Netflix with him working exclusively on Netflix films for the last five or so years (and more to come).

Typically, Netflix has to wait for some time for A24 titles to come to Netflix. However, in the case of Uncut Gems, Netflix financed the title through international distribution.

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It was announced back in April 2020 that it would arrive on Netflix in the US on May 25th.

So, what time will it be available? Well, that depends on which of the four timezones you live in.

Here’s a breakdown of the timezones and the release time:

  • EST – 3AM
  • CET – 2AM
  • MST/MDT – 1AM
  • PST – 12AM

Remember, when titles get added to Netflix, it’s not always instantly available. Sometimes, it takes a while for the title to show up on various devices or through the search function. There’s two ways to overcome this. The first is to simply log out or login again. The other is to use the direct link (Netflix link for Uncut Gems) and add it to your queue.

If you’re outside the United States, then what are you even on this page for? Uncut Gems has been streaming on Netflix internationally since January 2020 and you can watch to your hearts content right now.

What to watch while you’re waiting for Uncut Gems

While you’re staying up waiting, we’ve got a few suggestions on what to watch first. The obvious choice is Good Time, another A24 movie again directed by the Safdie Brothers. It’ll give you a good indication as to what you can expect with a fantastic performance from Robert Pattison, Benny Safdie and Jennifer Jason Leigh.

Sticking with A24, there are over 50 titles from the production company and distributor on Netflix right now.

Are you looking forward to catching Uncut Gems on Netflix? Let us know in the comments.

What Time Will ‘Uncut Gems’ be on Netflix?

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