‘Shaft’ Netflix Movie Release Schedule (US & International)

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Shaft – Warner Brothers

The 2019 rendition of Shaft is now on Netflix almost everywhere around the world except the United States. Here’s why the US may not be getting Shaft and where it’ll probably end up streaming instead. Here’s the Netflix release schedule for Shaft. 

Samuel L. Jackson is back reprising his role as John Shaft with Richard Roundtree who appeared in the very first Shaft movie back in 1971 is also returning.

The action comedy series is set to be the fifth film in the Shaft film series but the film series popularity has waned in recent years. The 2019 rendition hits cinemas in the United States on June 14th.

Now let’s talk about Shaft and when it’ll be on Netflix in each region, when it’ll release in the cinemas and what exactly is going on.

Let’s run over the distribution for the movie as that’s the most important aspect for this article. Warner Brothers have taken over the distribution for Shaft this time around but has opted to only distribute it in the United States.

Netflix, reportedly paying over $15 million for the privilege is the sole distributor in all regions outside of the United States including Canada. The reason its sold its movies to Netflix internationally in the past is typically that they’re not expected to perform well.

This isn’t the first time Netflix has carried a Warner Brothers movie in his fashion. Earlier this year Netflix carried Isn’t it Romantic in international regions and last year, Netflix carried Annihilation while it got a US cinema release.

When is Shaft releasing in the cinema and on Netflix in the US?

Shaft is still getting a traditional release in the United States. It first releases in cinemas across the country on June 14th, 2019. It’ll then likely get shopped to other providers in the pay 1 window which is likely going to towards the tail end of 2019.

Just because Netflix has involvement in the film, don’t assume it’ll come to Netflix in the US, however. Annihilation which was on a similar deal ended up on Hulu.

It’s also worth noting that Warner Media is setting up their own streaming platform and tends to prefer adding its movies to the HBO lineup too.

That means the likelihood of Shaft ending up on Netflix is fairly remote.

When is Shaft coming to Netflix in the world?

As of June 28th, 2019, Shaft is now available on Netflix around the world. 

No cinemas are expected to carry the movie meaning Netflix is your only option for watching the new Shaft movie in these regions.

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