When is Hawaii Five-0 Season 8 on Netflix?


When is the next season of Hawaii Five-0 coming to Netflix? We’ve got the answer as the show has been releasing on Netflix consistently at the same time for the past several years. So let’s dive in and find out what the Netflix release date for Hawaii Five-O is.

In case you need a quick recap of the show, the series is a CBS crime drama which is a modern-day reboot of the original series which ran from 1968 to 1980. Although it shares the same name as the original it’s taken plenty of different directions and for the most part, has maintained a steady viewership and regularly gets high ratings among critics.

Season seven was one of the most intense seasons to date with the team facing some criminals the likes of which they haven’t encountered before. Season 8 is set to continue this fashion.


Once again, the show will be keeping its traditional timeslot on CBS premiering in September and most likely wrapping up in early to mid-May 2018.

Netflix US Release Date

Netflix always gets Hawaii Five-O just shortly after the series finishes on CBS. Given it’s ending in May again, we think that previous years indicate the exact time that season 8 will be on Netflix meaning that it’ll be on Netflix in June 2018. We’ll have full confirmation in the preview due at the end of May.

Predicted Netflix Release Date: June 2018

Will Hawaii Five-0 leave Netflix?

With CBS All Access now being CBS’s main source of digital distribution for its shows, could that mean that Hawaii Five-0 will be leaving Netflix? It’s possible but unlikely. Netflix has stated that many channels it has relationships with have legacy contracts where it keeps renewing their shows until they conclude for good.

Also given the audience for Hawaii Five-0 we don’t think it’d make sense for it to leave either.

If you can’t wait until June, CBS All Access has you covered with both the back catalogue and new episodes too but it’ll obviously set you back another subscription.

Will you be waiting for the next season on Netflix or are you watching on CBS All Access? Let us know down below.

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