‘Hawaii Five-0’ is Leaving Netflix on February 24th

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Hawaii Five-0 – Picture from CBS

Hawaii Five-0 is coming up for renewal on Netflix sooner than expected which could see all eight seasons of the series be removed from Netflix in the United States on February 24th. 

The CBS series has now been streaming on Netflix since early 2015 and has received yearly updates every year since on Netflix. The reboot of the classic series of the same name has been a major success for CBS with it being a big ratings driver for the network.

Of course, we were expecting season 9 of Hawaii Five-0 to be coming to Netflix this summer. If the removal does take place on Sunday, February 24th, that would obviously mean season 9 would not be coming to the service. CBS’s lineup has been growing smaller on Netflix with only four shows potentially getting new seasons in 2019.

Removal date showing on Hawaii Five-0

Are all seasons of Hawaii Five-0 leaving Netflix or just a few?

Sadly, it appears that all seasons are leaving Netflix. Sometimes, Netflix begins removing shows by removing their earlier seasons gradually but doesn’t seem to be the case with Hawaii Five-0.

We spoke to a Netflix customer representative who said: “Unfortunately, each season of Hawaii Five-0 will be removed from Netflix on Feb 24th”

This could just be a simple renewal where Netflix does, in fact, manage to find a way to keep it on streaming but at this point, we are expecting to see the series removed in full.

Where will Hawaii Five-0 stream after it leaves Netflix?

It’s worth noting that CBS has been slowly pulling back from adding its programmes onto Netflix in the United States which should be no surprise. CBS is throwing all of its weight behind CBS All Access where most of its new shows reside exclusively.

All of the back seasons of Hawaii Five-0 will continue streaming on CBS All Access plus also includes weekly episodes of season 9 too. That’s likely going to be the only place you can stream the show henceforth.

Will you miss Hawaii Five-0 when it leaves Netflix? Let us know in the comments.

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