CBS Shows Coming to Netflix in 2019

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CBS, despite now having their own streaming service does update some of its content yearly on Netflix. Here’s a look at the CBS shows we’re expecting to come to Netflix in 2019.

Much of the lineup mirrors that of 2018. That’s because most of the content that comes from CBS to Netflix is based on legacy contracts. What we’re referring to here contracts that exist for old shows that means so long as new seasons are being produced they’ll come to Netflix.

Before we move onto the titles that are coming to Netflix. Let’s take a full look of the full CBS schedule and see where titles are streaming instead.

Please note: this list only applies to Netflix users in the United States

CBS Shows Not Coming to Netflix in 2019

CBS Shows

  • Elementary – Hulu
  • Bull – CBS All Access
  • NCIS: New Orleans – CBS All Access
  • MacGyver – CBS All Access
  • SEAL Team – CBS All Access
  • S.W.A.T. – CBS All Access
  • God Friended Me – No streaming home
  • The Big Bang Theory – CBS All Access
  • Mom – Older seasons on Hulu and newer seasons on CBS All Access
  • Life in Pieces – Hulu

CBS All Access Original

Just like how Netflix Originals don’t release on other platforms, these CBS All Access originals will not be coming to Netflix.

  • Star Trek: Discovery
  • The Good Fight
  • No Activity
  • One Dollar
  • The Twilight Zone
  • Strange Angel
  • Tell Me A Story

CBS doesn’t include any of its late night shows, game shows, award shows

CBS Shows Coming to Netflix in 2019

NCIS (Season 16)

Expected Netflix Release: July 2019

NCIS is one of the current longest-running shows on CBS. The series headed into its sixteenth season back in September. The new season features most of the same cast although there are a few notable omissions.

Season 15 arrived right around the time of our prediction for 2018 so we’re once again expecting season 16 to drop in July 2019.

Hawaii Five-0 (Season 9)

Expected Netflix Release: July 2019

The reboot of Hawaii Five-0 remains a fan favorite now going into its ninth season. The golden globe nominated show sees Steve deals with the reality of his CIA friend dying in season 8 and more crimes being discovered on the holiday island.

As with NCIS, Hawaii Five-0 always drops in July so we’re expecting season 9 to do the same.

Madam Secretary (Season 5)

Expected Netflix Release: July 2019

This show is currently shared on streaming with CBS All Access and Netflix. This could spell trouble for Netflix but as of right now, we’re still expecting season 5 to arrive on Netflix.

As with the titles we’ve written about above, new seasons always tend to arrive in July. That’s when we’re expecting season 5 to drop too.

Blue Bloods (Season 9)

Expected Netflix Release Date: July 2019

It still blows our mind that Blue Bloods is streaming on pretty much every platform. The license is shared between All Access, Hulu and Amazon Prime. That’s pretty rare for Netflix who tends to prefer exclusivity of titles.

Never the less, the crime procedural remains a popular title from CBS and as per previous years, it’s expected to arrive in the summer.

Criminal Minds (Season 13 & 14)

Netflix Release Dates: Unknown

We’re a bit puzzled when it comes to Criminal Minds. Season 13 was supposed to release last summer but has slipped. Season 13 of the show didn’t wind its way onto Hulu and was removed from CBS All Access which only served as catchup.

That means it’s incredibly hard for us to predict whether season 14 of Criminal Minds will be coming to Netflix.

Netflix is picking up almost all of the content from CBS’s TV subsidiary The CW in 2019 so make sure to check out our preview article of that.

What are you most looking forward to dropping on Netflix from CBS in 2019? Let us know in the comments.

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