When will ‘Devotion’ be on Netflix?

Sony's new movie starring Jonathan Majors and Glen Powell hits theaters but when will it be on Netflix?

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when will sony movie devotion be on netflix

Devotion – Picture: Sony Pictures Releasing

Hoping to pick up on the momentum that carried Top Gun: Maverick to being one of the most successful movies of 2022 is Devotion, the new J.D. Dillard historical war drama. Hitting theaters exclusively in November 2022, the movie will eventually drop onto Netflix.

The 2-hour 18-minute movie sees Jonathan Majors play the role of Jesse Brown and Glen Powell playing Thomas J. Hudner. These are two elite US Navy fighter pilots who served during the Korean war and ultimately became the Navy’s most celebrated wingmen.

The movie has picked up solid reviews ahead of its theatrical release on November 23rd, with Britany Murphy from DiscussingFilm saying, “Devotion succeeds because it blends powerful performances with stunning visuals, not relying solely on one or the other – something that wouldn’t have been the case had J.D. Dillard not been the person behind the camera.”

Netflix US will stream Devotion in 2023

Let’s begin with Netflix India and Netflix in the United States. Both regions receive the first window rights to all Sony theatrical movies and that will include Devotion.

It’s the same deal that has bought you Bullet Train, Uncharted, and Where the Crawdads Sing to the service throughout 2022.

So when will Netflix stream Devotion?

No exact date is known, but we can confirm it’ll be in 2023.

Sony movies have hit Netflix anywhere between 120 days and 225 days following its initial release.

That means we’re currently expecting the movie to land on Netflix sometime between March 23rd, 2023 and July 6th, 2023. 

Will Devotion stream on Netflix internationally?

There’s no news to report on this and not currently expected to hit Netflix promptly. That includes Netflix India which, like the US, receives Sony movies in the first window.

While Sony Pictures distributes the movie in the United States, that’s not the case internationally. Instead, STX International carry the distribution rights and doesn’t have any major publicly known deals with streamers internationally.

So, for everyone else, you’ll need to catch the movie in cinemas or just keep your fingers crossed that Netflix eventually licenses the movie in your region.

Will you be watching Devotion in theaters or waiting for its Netflix release? Let us know in the comments down below.

When will ‘Devotion’ be on Netflix?

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