When will Part 3 of ‘No Good Nick’ be on Netflix?

No Good Nick – Picture: Netflix

Part 2 of No Good Nick is now on Netflix and if you’re wondering whether the series is coming back for part 3 or a full second season. Let’s run through the show’s chances and take a look at when a second season or part 3 be on Netflix.

Before we dig into the show’s future, let’s quickly recap. Netflix first ordered No Good Nick back in September 2018 with filming taking place in late 2018 and early 2019.

The series was given a 20-episode first season which was split into two respective parts. Part 1 released on Netflix on April 15th, 2019 and part 2 arrived several months later on August 5th, 2019.

The show is about a young con-artist who gets put with a family she hopes to scam out of money. It’s a strange concept with some even going as far to call it confounding but has grown an audience largely thanks to the show’s key star Sean Astin.

Has No Good Nick been renewed for season 2?

Official renewal status: Not yet renewed (last updated: 08/09/2019)

The show is officially on hiatus while Netflix decides whether the series warrants another outing.

Should the series get renewed, we’d expect it to stick to a similar format where it gets renewed for another 20 episodes split into another two parts.

Sean Astin has given advice on how to get the show renewed for another part and it’s really simple. Watch parts 1 and 2 and share the fact you watch the show.

David Steinberg who acts as the showrunner for the series has said that “We are so unbelievably proud!” thanking Netflix “for being a place where creative people can flourish and do our small part to help change the world for the better.”

When will part 3 of No Good Nick be on Netflix?

Without a full season 2 renewal just yet, we’re purely speculating as to when season 2 would arrive.

However, as with most sitcoms on Netflix, the turn around is usually pretty fast. That means so long as the show gets renewed in good time, we’d expect to see the series return for part 3 in early 2020 with part 4 returning later in the year.

Another way of keeping up to date with the show’s future is by joining the waitlist to go and watch as part of the live audience. We’re not sure whether they force you to laugh at every section but it’s still a good experience if you happen to be in LA during its filming period.

In the meantime, a similar show Alexa and Katie warrants your attention and has been renewed for another 20 episodes due out later this year.

And now, over to you. Do you want to see No Good Nick return for season 3? Let us know in the comments.