Part 2 of ‘No Good Nick’ Coming to Netflix in August 2019

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No Good Nick part 2

No Good Nick – Picture: Netflix

Netflix’s latest family drama’s first part has just landed on Netflix on April 15th and part 2 is scheduled to arrive on Netflix in August 2019. When will part 2 of No Good Nick be on Netflix and what can we expect from the next part? We’ll also take a look at the show’s chances of getting a full second season order too.

No Good Nick was first ordered back in September 2018 where the first details dropped of the multi-cam comedy sitcom akin to other Netflix series such as Fuller House, Alexa & Katie, The Ranch, and others. 20 episodes were ordered in total but it wasn’t announced until March 2019 that only the first ten would be dropping on April 15th.

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The series comes from David Steinberg who is behind titles such as American Pie and has worked on The Simpsons. The series stars Siena Agudong, Lauren Lindsey Donzis, Kalama Epstein and Sean Astin. It’s about a girl who infiltrates and cons her foster parents helping her father from prison.

What will happen in part 2 of No Good Nick?

Warning: Spoilers follow

The final episode was a bit of a tear-jerker with Nick having to cancel her estate sale after her new family cancels their plans to celebrate her Birthday.

Part 2 of the show is going to continue Nick’s creeping realization that her new family isn’t so bad after all. It’s likely going to lead to more awkward conversations with her deadbeat father.

Nick in No Good Nick – Lara Solanki/Netflix

No Good Nick Part 2 Netflix Release Date

We’ve been waiting for just over a month for the second parts release date but we’ve finally got it. Part 2 of No Good Nick will be on Netflix on August 5th, 2019. 

We were expecting the next part of No Good Nick to arrive in September to November 2019 after a series of comments by the shows creator on Reddit and Twitter.

Sean Astin took to Twitter to confirm the news.

We also got a trailer of the next part too!

Has No Good Nick Been Renewed for Season 2?

Not yet. It won’t be until the first season has fully completed until we learn the future fate of the show. Sitcoms on Netflix have generally gotten renewed past their first season with a couple of exceptions such as Disjointed.

Should the show get renewed (which we’d expect to hear by the end of 2019) the second season would then release across 2020 likely once again split into two halves.

A lot of the show’s future will depend on how fans take to the show. It’s already grown impressive following days into its release.


Are you liking No Good Nick on Netflix? Do you want to see season 2 of the show in 2020? Let us know in the comments.

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