When will ‘The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem’ Part 3 be on Netflix?

The show will return for part 3 (or a full second season) but no release date has been set yet.

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Netflix in select regions are now carrying two parts of the Israeli drama series The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem and the good news is that more is on the way but unlike the time between parts 1 and 2, we’re likely going to have a longer wait for season 2 (or part 3 as it’ll be labeled on Netflix). Here’s what we know. 

If you’re not familiar, the Israeli show is set in the early 1900s and revolves around a housecleaner called Rosa who weds a shopkeeper who loves another woman, a choice that impacts her dynamic with the eldest daughter Luna for decades.

As a reminder, Netflix in only nine countries are streaming the series with others not currently expected to receive parts 1 and 2. The regions carrying The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem include:

  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • Argentina
  • France
  • Israel
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Spain
  • Switzerland

Netflix received season 1 (now relabeled to Season 1: Part 1) on May 20th, 2022 and part 2 arrived on July 29th, 2022.

Although labeled a Netflix Original, the series is actually owned and broadcast in Israel on the network Yes (specifically Yes Drama).

How Netflix repackages Beauty Queen of Jerusalem season 1

Before we dig into season 2, we should note that how Netflix presents the series is very different from how the show originally aired.

In Israel, the show’s first season aired over the course of 44 episodes (part 1 consisting of 27 episodes and the second in 17). On Netflix, those episodes are combined for longer runtimes and split into two seasons of 10 episodes (20 overall).

As a result, despite there looking like two seasons of the show available, what we’re actually seeing on Netflix now is just the complete first season.

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Beauty Queen of Jerusalem

The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem will return for Part 3 / Full Season 2

We’re getting more episodes of The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem but specifics on the new season have yet to be announced.

The renewal announcement came at EAST Tel Aviv in December 2021 but was reaffirmed by Variety in 2022. Filming on the second season began in June 2022 and, according to some reports, will air in Israel as soon as late 2022.

Other reports suggest that filming may have suffered setbacks after one of the main stars of the series pulled out of filming.

While we don’t know exactly how long after its airing on YES in Israel before it hits Netflix, our best estimate right now is that the series will return in 2023 at the earliest but we’ll keep you posted.

Are you looking forward to more episodes of Beauty Queen of Jerusalem on Netflix? Let us know in the comments.

When will ‘The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem’ Part 3 be on Netflix?

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