Will Netflix’s Motown Magic be back for Season 2?

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Netflix’s latest musical series crafted for kids has released with 25 episodes. Will the series be returning for a second season? Here’s a look at what we know.

In case you haven’t seen Motown Magic yet, what are you doing? If you’ve got kids, put aside a Sunday and settle in for what’s a highly praised binge featuring some absolutely classic songs from the likes of The Jackon 5, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder and Smokey Robinson.

The series actually shares the same creator as another Netflix kids music orientated show. Josh Wakely, an Australian director, screenwriter and producer is behind the Netflix series Beat Bugs. That series focuses on the back catalogue of The Beatles and has featured some impressive talent such as Sia and Pink.

Has Motown Magic been renewed for season 2?

Officially, the series has yet to be given a second season order. With that said, more often than not with kids series is that it’s done without telling the press. In which case, we’ll hear about the second season a few months before it’s due out.

In the case of Motown Magic, we do believe it’ll be back for a second season given its reviews and history with Josh Wakely. However, don’t expect it out soon as it was an unusually long first season consisting of 25 episodes. Beat Bugs only released with 13 episodes in its first and second season which released within four months of each other. Its third season took two years to come out afterwards.

Another positive sign for the series is that the shows social media accounts like its Twitter account remain very active. With cancelled, shows, you tend to find that the Twitter account goes quiet soon after the show is cancelled.

The only other things worth considering is that Josh Wakely has multiple other projects on. Beat Bugs is expected to release another season and he’s also working on a new project with Amazon Prime bringing Bob Dylan songs to life in animated format.

Is there a soundtrack release for Motown Magic?

Absolutely. Apple Music has an extended version of the Motown Magic soundtrack but a Spotify album has also been released which we’ve embedded below.

Do you want to see another season of Motown Magic on Netflix? Let us know down in the comments below.


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