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Is ‘The Simpsons’ on Netflix?

Is 'The Simpsons' on Netflix?

One of the most frequently asked questions we get here at What’s on Netflix is whether The Simpsons is on Netflix or not? Most of you will know the answer by now that The Simpsons isn’t streaming on Netflix, but lets have a look as to why and whether or not we’ll ever see The Simpsons on Netflix.

The Simpsons comes from the genius Matt Groening and has been on the air since 1989 making it one of the longest-running TV shows ever.

Let’s talk about streaming. The rights to The Simpsons is obviously a highly valuable affair and therefore you have to throw a lot of money to get the streaming rights. Let’s take a look at the syndication and streaming availability. FXX owns the cable and digital syndication meaning you’ll have to use their platform to stream episodes of The Simpsons. In this case, you can find the full back catalogue of The Simpsons available on Simpsons World which is part of the FX Now platform.

Hulu (being partially owned by Fox) also has a look in for the most recent season (season 27 at the moment) and covers all the episodes within that season as part of their Hulu Plus platform.

The only way Netflix could get a look in on the rights is when the deal expires. It’s predicted that the deal is for a decade meaning Netflix may only get a look into the rights by 2023.

There is one way you can get to watch The Simpsons via Netflix, and that is through the Netflix DVD rental service which offers you every single season via boxset. You can also catch Matt Groening’s other big creation on Netflix in the form of Futurama which is streaming all seasons on Netflix in the US. Futurama is arguably the better of two shows but there’ll be plenty of debate on both sides.

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