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The Stranger – Picture: Netflix

The Stranger has been one of Netflix’s best breakout hits so far in 2020 and it’s no surprise why. The series is an exciting thriller adapted from the novel from Harlan Coben. If you’re all done with the limited series, here’s what you should watch next on Netflix.

Sadly, The Stranger is highly unlikely to return for season 2 as we outlined here but there’s plenty more to watch as we’ll outline below.

More Harlan Coben Series on Netflix

Firstly, we should obviously point you towards some of the other Harlan Coben titles on Netflix. There’s also plenty to look forward to from the prolific writer as he signed an output deal with Netflix and his next title to get adapted looks to be Six Years.

Safe (Limited Series)

The first major title to get adapted for Netflix is Safe. The series saw the talents of Michael C. Hall who is most known for his stint on Dexter but also recently appeared in Netflix’s In the Shadow of the Moon.

The series has seen a resurgence (especially in the United Kingdom) especially after the release of The Stranger and its the first recommendation Netflix gives after you conclude the limited series.

The Five (Limited Series)

The lesser-known Harlan Coben title on Netflix is The Five that’s currently available on Netflix only in Canada and the United States. Other regions are unlikely to pick it up at this point.

The British series first aired on Sky1 and adapts

A follow-up series was planned named The Four but development on that has been unknown for some time.

For the Richard Armitage Lovers


You may be thinking that this is an odd recommendation but if you’re hooked on the talents of Richard Armitage this choice makes a lot more sense. That’s because Richard plays the role of Trevor Belmont in a voice acting capacity in this Netflix Original animated series.

The series is based on the video game franchise but it’s far more than that. In fact, it’s easily one of the best animated series of all time and seasons 1-3 featuring Richard are streaming right now globally.

For Fans of British Series


If you’re a fan of British writing and actors, Criminal may be for you. It features some top British talent set in a police interview room. Each episode starts with a new case.

The atmosphere is highly comparable to The Stranger and of course, the acting is superb.

In addition to the British Criminal episodes, there are Spanish, French and German variants.

For more great British titles on Netflix, go and check out our favorite British series and movies on Netflix.

More Excellent Limited Series on Netflix

When They See Us

And finally, if you’re just looking for another absolutely captivating mini-series on Netflix you can’t do much worse than When They See Us.

The series from Ana DuVernay looks into the criminal case of the Central Park Five who were convicted of murder and rape but were not guilty. It’s about their trials and tribulations and the injustice of the situation.

As it’s a Netflix Original, When They See Us is streaming globally right now on Netflix.

Foreign Language Alternatives

High Seas

If you love the suspense and thrilling nature of The Stranger, we’ll throw you to this excellent Spanish thriller.

Following two sisters who are traveling on a luxury ship during the 1940s they become involved in a string of mysterious deaths that are occurring on the ship.

Special thanks to Lena who goes by potenspuella on Twitter who is an excellent advocate for The Stranger and provided many of the suggestions we’ve listed above. Her other recommendations included Cable Girls because it’s another riveting drama and Gilmore Girls who need a bit of joy.

Do you have any more suggestions on what to watch after finishing The Stranger on Netflix? Let us know in the comments down below.

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