Coming to Netflix This Week: June 25th – July 1st

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There are some excellent titles headed your way this week on Netflix including blockbuster movies and new seasons of Netflix Original shows.

Happy Sunday! While you’re enjoying your day, why not take a moment and see what’s in store for you this week in the land of streaming? It’s a big week for titles. You’re going to be very busy. This week brings a new month and with that, you’ll see a big list of renewed and returning titles. We won’t be going through all of those. We’ll hit a highlight for the 1st and concentrate more on the rest of the week.

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For the full lineup of what will be new on the 1st, see the July list and you can check the What’s New on Netflix page on July 1st for an up to the minute list of all the new additions. We’ll also publish an article highlighting the best of the listings available that day.

Looking for more watching suggestions? Check out our Friday list with highlights from this past week.

Season 2 of Netflix Original Series Nailed It! arrives Friday.

Hotel Transylvania (Season 1)

Arriving June 25th

Based on the 2012 feature film of the same name, this animated series details the adventures of Mavis, Dracula’s daughter, as she attempts to run the family business in her father’s absence.

Secret City: Season 1 Netflix Original Series

Arriving June 26th

A student’s protest leads to a government scandal that has personal and professional repercussions for one of Australia’s toughest journalists.


Star Wars: The Last Jedi Disney Early Release

Arriving June 26th

Luke Skywalker’s world is changed forever when he encounters Rey, a young woman who shows strong signs of the Force.


W. Kamau Bell: Private School Negro Netflix Original Special

Arriving June 26th

Comedian W. Kamau Bell muses on parenting in the Trump era, “free speech” dustups, woke children’s TV and his fear of going off the grid.

Churchill’s Secret Agents: The New Recruits Netflix Original Series

Arriving June 29th

In this history-steeped reality series, 14 contestants undergo the same rigorous four-day selection process as Britain’s top-secret World War II spies.

Trailer Available on Netflix


GLOW: Season 2 Netflix Original Series

Arriving June 29th

Based on a real-life actual thing (It’s hard to believe, right?), this series follows a group of ladies as they make their way through the world of professional wrestling.


Kiss Me First Netflix Original

Arriving June 29th

Leila finds a secret paradise hidden on the edge of a virtual reality game, where she meets Tess. When Tess turns up in Leila’s real-life uninvited, Lela’s world is forever changed.


The Forrest Netflix Original Series

Arriving June 29th

When a teen girl disappears from a village near the Ardennes Forrest, local police and a concerned teacher begin to uncover a web of unsettling secrets.

Trailer Available on Netflix


TAU Netflix Original Movie

Gary Oldman voices a smart home turned murderous in this taught AI thriller.

Mohawk (2017)

Arriving June 30th

After one of her tribe sets an American camp ablaze, a young Mohawk warrior finds herself pursued by a contingent of military renegades.

The Jurassic Park Movies

Arriving July 1st

Just in time to review before you head to the theater for the latest installment, settle in with Jurassic Park, The Lost World: Jurassic Park, and Jurassic Park lll.

What are you looking forward to seeing this week? Let us know in the comments!

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