Every ‘Millarworld’ Movie & Series Coming Soon to Netflix

Netflix has huge plans for some huge franchises but one bubbling away is Netflix’s plans to bring the Millarworld Universe to Netflix. Here’s every movie, series or project currently in development at Netflix. 

As you may know, the famed comic-book producer started working with Netflix back in August 2017 with the acquisition of the majority of properties published under the Millwarworld banner.

The last time we gave an update on all of the Millarworld projects was back in December 2018 but there’s been plenty of progress made so here’s our 2020 update.

There is a LOT to cover here so without further ado, here’s every Mark Millar/Millarworld project in development at Netflix.

Note: we’ve listed based on how far along the project is with those expected to release soonest at the top.

Jupiter’s Legacy (TV Series)

Type: TV Series

The project that will likely release first is Jupiter’s Legacy and probably won’t release until “late Spring 2021” despite filming having wrapped up.

The series is set to cover Jupiter’s Legacy 1 & 2 plus also Jupiter’s Circle 1 & 2.

Among the cast announced for Jupiter’s Legacy so far is Anna Akana, Jess Salgueiro, Humberly González, Tyler Mane, Kara Royster, and a huge roster of other stars.

The series notably lost its showrunner midway in production with Steven DeKnight pulling out back in September 2019.

You can find out so much more about Jupiter’s Legacy in our huge preview for the new series here.

American Jesus

Type: TV Series

Dubbed as an action-comedy this perhaps controversial TV series will be a spoken in both English and Spanish, not dissimilar to how Narcos works.

The comic series (which recently saw its second entry release) is about Jesus Christ returning to Earth battling with the Antichrist to help save humanity.

So far, no cast announcements have been made for American Jesus. We know that Everardo Gout is on board to direct. He’s worked on National Geographic’s Mars, and directed episodes for Netflix’s Luke Cage and AMC’s The Terror.

We also know that filming began in late 2019 in Mexico and wrapped production in February 2020.


The Magic Order

Type: TV Series

This comic series comes from Lindsey Beer, Olivier Coipel and Mark Millar and is about five different families that all possess magical abilities ridding the world of dangerous threats.

James Wan who is known for The Conjuring 2 is currently attached as one of the directors.

The Magic Order has the potential to be the biggest and most important Millarworld title on the way. That’s partly because Mark Millar has teased they have the ability to connect different realms that could mean crossovers in the future.

Filming is set to get underway as soon as filming continues after COVID-19 disrupted most productions.

The title is also the another of the first batch of comics released by Millarworld under the banner of Netflix. They released a trailer for the new comic series below:

Sharkey The Bounty Hunter

Type: Movie

Currently, Michael Bacall is attached to the project as one of the producers and writers. He’s most known for his work on Tarantino’s Inglorious Basterds as well as Scott Pilgrim vs. the World and 21 Jump Street.

Sharkey is an intergalactic bounty hunter that travels across the galaxy in his rocket-powered ice-cream truck capturing criminals for their big score. Aided by his 10-year old partner, Sharkey is out to get the biggest bounty of his career.

The comic book was first teased by Netflix back in November 2018 with the first comic arriving 2019.

The last tease we got from Mark Millar on was back in February 2019 who said the screenplay was the funniest thing he’s ever read.


Type: Movie

Theodore Melfi who is behind Hidden Figures and El Camino Christmas is behind this movie project that’s currently in the early stages of development still.

A quiet seaside town has an incredible secret, that resident Huck has amazing and special gifts. Huck uses his gifts to do a good deed each day, in exchange for the townsfolk keeping the secret. But when a new resident moves into the town and tells the media of Hucks abilities, Huck has no choice but to flee the seaside town and set off an adventure that will change him and everything forever.

The last update on the screenplay was in May 2020.


Type: Movie

Empress is another movie that was announced as part of the original Millarworld lineup.

Lindsey Beer is on board to write the screenplay. Her previous credits include Sierra Burgess is a Loser for Netflix and will also be involved in the aforementioned The Magic Order series.

The wife of an intergalactic dictator decides to take her three children away from his evil clutches and escape to her homeworld. Her husband won’t allow her to get away that easily and utilizes his power as Emporer and sends his forces to hunt her down and bring her back. The planet the Empress is the very same Earth that we are from, except this story takes place 65 Million years ago.

We haven’t had any major updates on the movie since September 2018 when Mark Millar took to Twitter to sing Lindsey’s praises.


Type: TBD

This project is the one we know the least about apart from its rather limited IMDb page with Netflix attached.

The description of the project is as follows:

“Super genius Edison Crane faces his first true test in the form of a world-ending threat that only his could confront.”

There’s even more likely on the way though. In April 2020, Mark Millar teased that three secret projects are underway too.

What Millarworld series or movie are you most looking forward to? Let us know in the comments down below.