Mark Millar Previews Netflix Millarworld Plans for 2022

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the magic order american jesus coming soon to netflix

Pictured: The Magic Order and American Jesus

2022 will mark 5 years since Netflix acquired the creator-owned comic book company, Millarworld. Since then, numerous comic books have been released under the banner and two shows on Netflix too. Today, Mark Millar provided some updates on upcoming projects on both the comics side and the Netflix side. Let’s dig in.

For those who would rather read the full newsletter from Mark, you can find it available on MailChimp. There you’ll be able to find a lot of artwork for upcoming comics and the full body of text from Mark Millar.

For a full breakdown of what’s coming to Netflix from Millarworld in the years to come, consult our big preview!

Updates on Millarworld Netflix Shows and Movies

It would be fair to say that Millarworld hasn’t exactly gone to plan on Netflix. Jupiter’s Legacy was seemingly a big bust for Netflix failing to get renewed for a second season after an uneven first season. In late 2021 we saw the release of Supercrooks from Studio Bones.

In his newsletter, Millar teases “an avalanche of cool stuff” is on the way.

American Jesus Moving Forward This Year

american jesus issue 3

American Jesus comic

As we reported in late January, filming was eying to start on American Jesus in Mexico in March 2022.

Millar didn’t confirm the start-date of production but did say:

“… first coming your way will be American Jesus, shooting in Mexico courtesy of the Gout Brothers”

The Magic Order will shoot in 2022

Having been shelved over the pandemic it seems like it’s full steam ahead on The Magic Order series. Speaking about the upcoming show Mark teased:

“Covid struck just as we were getting into production on this originally, but we’re all systems go now with a new team and a new schedule and this is going to be truly magnificent, believe me. The first season is going to be the first volume and that opening scene that creeped you out so much is the opening scene for the show.”

Prodigy will be the first Millarworld Movie on Netflix

prodigy millarworld netflix

According to Millar, “Prodigy will be the first out of the gate”.

That movie is based the six-issue comic book series that ran between December 2018 and June 2019.

Here’s a brief synopsis of the movie:

“Super genius Edison Crane faces his first true test in the form of a world-ending threat that only his could confront.”

Other Millarworld Movie Updates

  • The script for Sharkey The Bounty Hunter by Michael Bacall and James Vanderbilt is complete.
  • The script for Space Bandits by Stephanie Fulsom is also complete.
  • No mention of a future season of Supercrooks anime despite not being labeled a limited series.

Millarworld Comics Coming in 2022

Millar also gave an update and a broad view of what’s coming out this year with regards to new comic releases. Here’s a rough preview of the schedule:

  • The Magic Order Volume 2 – Concludes end of March 2022
  • The Magic Order Volume 3 – July 2022 release
  • Prodigy: The Icarus Society – July 2022 release
  • Jupiter’s Legacy: Requiem Story (final five issues) – August 2022 release
  • Night Club – August 2022 release
  • The Magic Order Volume 4 – TBD
night club comic poster

Night Club poster – Picture: Millarworld

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