Every Netflix Original That’s Got Its Own Custom TUDUM Intro

Only a handful of shows and movies have gotten special intros on Netflix.

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Custom Netflix Intro Tudums

Pictures: Netflix

TUDUM! It’s the now mistakable sound you associate with Netflix’s 4,000+ library of movies and series, but the intro has evolved tremendously over the years, and some Netflix Originals have even been given custom intros. 

The first Netflix logo uses the now seemingly ancient Netflix DVD logo and can only be found on Lilyhammer from what we can see. It then evolved quickly to a wipe that states “A Netflix Original Series which can still be found on the first season of House of Cards.

From there, we then transitioned through to mid-to-late 2018 with the white background with Netflix’s new logo. Since then, we’ve now had the slow reveal of Netflix’s signature N.

You can see the variations of the logo sting revealed below:

Netflix Original Intros Over The Years

The four Netflix Original logo intro stings over the years

Theatrical Netflix TUDUM

An extended version of the primary TUDUM logo began rolling out at the Venice Film Festival when Netflix premiered Roma in 2018. It’s now used for all theatrical releases, whether films at a film festival or seen at one of the select theaters where Netflix movies are exhibited.

The TUDUM does feature but as part of a musical piece composed by Hans Zimmer.

When movies move from their limited theatrical release to Netflix, they have traditionally returned to the traditional TUDUM.

That said, in late 2023, Netflix did put the extended edition on the streaming service for the first time with two titles having shown it so far. Although missing the Hans Zimmer music, both Rebel Moon: Part One: A Child of Fire and Maestro features the extended logo sting, with their own composers providing the sounds.

Stranger Things

Netflix Custom Logo Sting For Stranger Things

Picture: Netflix

The first time we ever saw a custom Netflix logo sting to match the show was with Stranger Things. The intro now applies to all seasons of the hit Netflix show, with the classic red lightning from the upsidedown rumbling away as the Netflix logo beams onto your screen. In addition, you can definitely hear a Demogorgon screaming in the background throughout.

The Witcher

Netflix Custom Intro The Witcher

Picture: Netflix

The Witcher was the next show to get the custom introduction treatment, with a blueish gloomy background in the back set in a forest with dead trees and a Kikimora both screaming and standing up on its hind legs. Geralt notably fought this creature in season 1.

3 Body Problem

3 Body Problem Custom Netflix Intro

Picture: Netflix

The newest Netflix Original to get the special treatment and one not later in its series lifespan is 3 Body Problem which dropped with a static-y TUDUM effect with three glowing orbs circling the Netflix logo.

Have we missed any Netflix Originals with a custom Netflix logo sting when the show or movie boots up? Let us know in the comments.

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