Firefly Lane Season 2: Netflix Production Updates & What to Expect

firefly lane season 2 netflix renewal status release date

Firefly Lane – Picture: Netflix

Firefly Lane is getting a full second season as confirmed in May 2021. Now, it looks like the series is hitting pre-production with filming due to start in summer 2021. Here’s everything we know about Firefly Lane season 2.

Based on the popular novel by US author, Kristin Hannah, Firefly Lane tells the moving story of two best friends, and the obstacles they face in their lives and their friendship.

The show dropped on Wednesday 3 February, to mixed critical reviews. Audiences seem to have taken to it far kinder with it currently carrying a 7.5/10 as of July 1st, 2021.

The show performed well in the Netflix top 10s. It was in the US top 10 list for 36 days and also performed well in the United Kingdom and most of Europe.

So with all that said, here’s everything we know about the future of Firefly Lane on Netflix…

Has Firefly Lane been renewed?

Official Netflix Renewal Status: Officially Renewed (last updated: 27/05/2021)

It’s taken a few months but Netflix has officially made the announcement that Firefly Lane is returning for a second season.

The news was announced through their social media platforms and on YouTube, where they had actresses Katherine Heigel and Sarah Chalke answer fan questions, and make the official announcement.

The first season doesn’t cover all of the material from the novel, so there is still much of Tully and Kate’s story left to tell. There’s also a sequel to the novel, Fly Away, which extends the story even further.

What to expect in season 2 of Firefly Lane

Spoilers ahead! If you haven’t finished season 1, don’t read any further! 

At the end of season 1, we’re left with two very contrasting images of Tully and Kate’s relationship. After Tully quits her show, the pair enjoy a cozy catch-up by the firepit, where Tully promises Kate that she’ll help her get a job when she’s hired again. We then have a flashforward to a future scene, where the pair have an emotional confrontation at a funeral, with Kate stating that she never wants to see Tully again.

firefly lane netflix february 2021

Undoubtedly, season 2 will explain what happens to fracture Tully and Kate’s relationship so irreparably. However, given that this is a show about friendship, we can’t believe that these two won’t make up in the end.

Although the confrontational finale takes place at a funeral, it is not obvious who’s funeral it is. Since Tully arrives to pay her respect, it’s clearly the funeral of someone closest to Kate. We have two likely candidates: Kate’s ex-husband, Johnny, who left for Iraq, or Kate’s elderly father. Either way, a potential second season would cover the impact this has on Kate, as well as her teenage daughter, Marah.

We think season 2 would also explore what happens next with Tully’s career, including if she ever offers Kate that job.

Of course, since Firefly Lane is based on a fairly famous novel, you don’t have to search too hard to find out what actually happens next to Tully and Kate. Be careful out there: you might not like what you see…

Where is Firefly Lane season 2 in production and when will it be on Netflix?

Filming for season 2 will once again take place in Vancouver, Canada.

We’ve learned that season 2 is currently due to kick off filming on August 30th and run through to April 2022 at least that’s according to ProductionWeekly. That does seem like an abnormally long production schedule so we’re expecting that to not be set in stone.

Other sources just give a broad summer 2021 film start so either way, we hope to start hearing from the cast returning to set over the next couple of months.

As for the release date, our best guess based on production schedules at the time of the last publishing is early-to-mid 2022. That’s assuming that the world doesn’t reenter lockdown but fingers crossed all of that is behind us.

Did you enjoy watching Firefly Lane on Netflix? Let us know in the comments below!

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