‘Firefly Lane’ Won’t Return for Season 3 But There’s Good News

The Netflix drama series has come to an end.


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Firefly Lane has been one of the best series adaptations at Netflix in many years. It comes to an end with the release of the second and final season, but we’ve got good news for fans of the show.

Adapting the Kristen Hannah novel, Firefly Lane, over the course of 26 episodes, has told the story of Tully and Kate, who have had a deep friendship for over three decades, sticking together through thick and thin.

Season 2, part 2 of Firefly Lane, just touched down on Netflix on April 27th, 2023, but as you may have now heard, that brings an end to the show, so what’s going on? Was it canceled? What’s the good news..?

Firefly Lane wasn’t canceled and concludes its story

The main piece of good news is that while the show has ended, the story has been completed. That means if you’re searching for whether Firefly Lane joins the full list of unfinished shows on Netflix, that’s not the case and if you’ve been holding out for the complete story, now is the time to dive in.

Netflix first announced that Firefly Lane would be coming to an end in October 2022 months many months after it initially got a season 2 renewal. They announced season 2 would be a “super-sized” season and released in two halves.

One could argue the show was “Renanceled,” whereby it was renewed and then subsequently announced to be given a final season order, but the key distinction for Firefly Lane is that the show ended on its own terms and does wrap up its story.

Warning: Spoilers ahead for Firefly Lane season 2.

Of course, the show’s end should be apparent by the time you get to the end of season 2. After all, Kate’s journey has ended following her battle with cancer, and the show concludes with Kate’s funeral following the book’s similar ending. By the time the credits roll, just like the book, we hear the song of ABBA’s Dancing Queen.

Speaking to The Wrap, showrunner Maggie Friedman told them, “We talked a lot about a lot of different versions in the writers room of how exactly the moment of [Kate’s] death was going to play out, and what we finally landed on was this idea that Kate was hanging on until she knew that everyone was going to be okay.”

There is a book sequel to Firefly Lane

And finally, one last sprinkle of hope is that the book of Firefly Lane actually got a sequel in the form of Fly Away.

In the sequel, the characters deal with the aftermath of Kate’s death and its impact on their lives.

Per the official listing for the book, the sequel picks up several years following the death of Kate, with Tully working as a celebrity news report and presenter but sadly hitting rock bottom. We also pick up with Marah, who struggles alongside her father Johnny.

fly away book kristen hannah

Fly Away from Kristin Hannah – Picture: GoodReads


There aren’t any plans to adapt the sequel book, however, with showrunner, Friedman once again telling The Wrap there are no plans at the current moment.

The writer of the novels, however, has expressed interest in a third book, saying, “I had originally seen Firefly Lane as the start of a trilogy.”

Beyond the Firefly Lane books, Kristen Hannah is also behind best-sellers like Home Front, The Great Alone, True Colors, Magic Hour, and most recently, The Four Winds.

Netflix has lots of feel-good romance dramas in the works.

We also have good news that Netflix is working on plenty more feel-good series like Firefly Lane, plenty in the romance department, and plenty of book adaptations in the works too.

Upcoming returning favorites include Virgin River season 5 (expected to release this summer) and Sweet Magnolias season 3 (also expected later this year).

In development are One Day In December and Ransom Canyon.

Do you wish Firefly Lane would’ve returned for a season 3? Do you hope the sequel book would get an adaptation? Let us know in the comments down below.

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